You Are To Be Big

Last night I held a Soul Story Council on the land of Topanga, CA.

This is no small sentence to share with you…

… speaks

to the emergence

of our new chapter

when we can meet

and sit in a circle again.


When I meet in our monthly Hour Of The Wolf Story Council I begin each ceremony by calling on the land that we live on.

But last night I was able to call on the land that we had created an altar for and were sitting upon.


I won’t be telling you the story
But will give your the crib notes because I want to get you the goods: a meditation inspired by the story.

It involved a tiny metal egg
And a being that burst out of it

And it was safe to be

this large,

this honest,

this exposed

as the truth of what they were.

If you would like to be guided through a meditation that leads you through a journey of experiencing yourself as fully embodied expression of how your life force wants to be expressed through you…here you go.

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