School for Sacred Storytelling

Year-Long Curriculum

Bringing Beauty & Connection,

Healing & Grace,

& Tools For A Changing World

How Will You Tell the Story of Our Time?

What will hold you through transition times?

What skills do you require to thrive?

What communities will you join and intentionally build?

What will support your growth through these times?


How Will You Tell The Story of Our Time?

Ignite Your Creativity
Give your Wisdom
Share your medicine
Harness your power
Speak Your Vision
Play a role in the times we are living in

How You Tell the Story
is How You Will Live the Story.


Welcome to the

School for Sacred Storytelling

This program was designed for the times we are living and informed by the principles natural cycles of our planet: a world that ebbs and flows through death and rebirth, of going inward, and sharing what we discover outward. 

This is a time of not-knowing. 

A time where when the wisdom keepers recommend stepping into a state of wonder: about who we are, how we got here, our belief systems, and what they were born out of.

Our stories are inherited.

And then, there comes a moment of reckoning, of choosing: what story will we choose to carry? What stories will we repeat, or change as we learn from them?

If you aren’t writing the story: you could end up unconsciously playing a role in someone else’s story. 

How we live our story, and how we are lived by our stories, influences what roles we choose to play  in our lives. 

The stories we are made of influence our belief systems, our values, and what we believe is possible. 

We are often lived by stories that we have not chosen,
and if we aren’t awake to the moment,
e can speak the script and and play the role,
and even inhabit a role in a story that dictates our worst fears. 

But our stories are like trees, and they are designed to grow, to change, and to transform so that they eventually take a shape that offers the fruits of your life, and provides a place of shade and rest for others. 

Our stories are like starfish, and they are designed to release the parts that no longer serve, so that they can regenerate in such a way that the gifts, the wisdom, the hard wisdom can be lived and offered. 


Knowledge is learned.
Wisdom is earned.


This program is designed for people who want to participate in the times we are living in, who want to harness and cultivate the gifts they have carried along the way, and who want to use their voice in a meaningful way to create a world where all sentient beings are treated with dignity and respect, where all life is honored, the world we know is possible.


This course is designed for the bridge builders, the weaver dreamers, the visionaries, the humble listeners, the connectors, the ones who understand that every word they speak and every story they tell is forging a path step by step to the future we most want to live in. 

This program is designed for people who want to go in, to examine what is living there, seen and unseen, known and unknown, to learn wisdom teachings from master teachers, to touch the edges of what is known and familiar, and then to harvest what they discover to be given as a gift to the world. 

This program is designed to serve those who want to use their voice in service to nurturing their community, who understand that the role of storyteller is one of the most integral roles on this planet: a role that brings meaning, context, medicine, and healing.That the tools one develops in the process of becoming a masterful teller involve advanced interpersonal skills, listening skills, community building, along with the expected public speaking skills and talent in crafting a story that will be carried by others after you share it. So this program weaves these advanced skills with some of the most masterful teachers of our time. 

This is a program designed to hold you, in community, through these quickly changing times. 



This program is designed to serve those who want to use their voice in service of nurturing their community, who understand that the role of storyteller is one of the most integral roles on this planet: that we are the ones who consciously bring meaning, context, medicine, and healing to the times we live in.... and we are needed.

The tools one develops in the process of becoming a masterful teller involves advanced interpersonal skills, listening skills, community building, confidence in public speaking, along with the skills of writing, crafting, and telling a story.

We will journey through the cycles of the seasons as we ebb and flow with the natural cycles of life. You will have the opportunity to release what no longer serves you in fall, experience restoration, rest, and reflection in winter, and step into the full bloom of giving your gifts in the spring and summer.

This program is designed for the person who wants to journey inward, examine what is living in the seen and unseen, known and unknown realms, receive wisdom teachings from master teachers, touch the edges of what is known and familiar, and then harvest what they discover to be given as a gift to the world through the form of sacred story.

This course is designed for the bridge builders, the weavers, the dreamers, the visionaries, the humble listeners, the connectors, those who understand that every word you speak and every story you tell is forging a path to the future you most want to live in.



The 15 month curriculum is broken up into 6-week and 4-week modules.

The 6-week modules are where we turn inward and are Sanctuaries “story discovery” modules. They are called CREATOR MATRIX, EROS, UNITY, SPEAK YOUR SPARK. Each of these modules invite you on an inward journey to harvest your wisdom, liberate your gifts, discover your barriers, and reveal what is asking to be healed so that you can tell the story.

You will have the Conscious Creators Guide to Psychic Silence as your guide as you track and process your discoveries. Along the way while you will be visited by guest master teachers from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives who will provide practical skills you can apply to life, and will expand your understanding of what it means to be a conscious creator and sacred storyteller in our times.

In-between each module we will take a rest to integrate what was discovered.

Then we emerge out of SANCTUARY for a 4-week Storytelling Skill Building Module (such as MYTHOS, WISDOM STORIES, TEACHING STORIES, VISION STORIES, CANTADORA), where we focus on developing the craft of being a storyteller: writing, story development, how to work with an audience, and performance skills. We harvest all of the wisdom gleaned, and shape our corresponding Mythos, Wisdom, Teaching, and Vision stories and then finally step into the shoes of Cantadora as we give these stories to our communities, friends, and planet. In this way, we harvest the gifts that you have to discover and give these gifts through the way you tell your personal story, and the story of our time.

Your Guide


Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, and performance artist who works with story as a tool for healing. She is the creator of the School for Sacred Storytelling, where she teaches a modality of storytelling for self discovery, community building, and addressing trauma. She has toured healing story ceremonies across the country, and is the creator of Soul Stories, a form of mystical storytelling. She produced and hosted The Green Channel at Al Gore’s television network, has written award winning plays, and PSA’s about climate, and her articles about climate and culture have been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Huffington Post, and National Geographic News Watch. She is writing the book series, The Whale Dreamer.

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3 Ways to Experience the Program: 

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Each course builds on the previous courses and also stands alone.

Register for one, several, or all.


SANCTUARY: Creator Matrix
October 5 - November 9, 2021

This 6-week module is the first course in this program. Sanctuary provides a path to discover who you are as a creator, what makes you tick, what drives you to create, what your secret powers and gifts are, and what is in your way of giving these gifts. You will leave this course understanding your unique creator code, and what systems you need in place to thrive and bring your gifts to the world. 

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Chapter 1: MYTHOS
November 23 - December 14, 2021

This 4-week module is where you get to apply what you discover about your creator archetype, and will learn the history of creation stories and be exposed to creation stories from a variety of cultures from around the globe. Alongside learning some of the most ancient creation myths on this planet, you will learn how to create your own creation story about your life. What is your archetype? What symbolizes you in the mythic dimension? What is your big story?  You will receive coaching and support in your storytelling delivery as well as your story creation. 

In MYTHOS you will: 

  • Learn creation stories from around the world
  • Learn how to examine your life through a mythic lens
  • Integrate ritual into your storytelling process
  • Complete a creation story about your life that you can share in written form, on the stage, or just for yourself. 
  • Develop your storytelling skills and unique storytelling style
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Chapter 2: EROS: Power & Purpose
February 1 - March 8, 2022

In this 6-week module, we enter into the core of your body as we explore your relationship to how your life force (or power) is lived in the world. We will explore your story of power: who does power serve? What is power's gift? And shadow? Where do you source your power?

How do you lose power, leak it, or give it away? What is power’s Achilles' heel? Who are power’s true allies? How do you relate to confidence, and what is in your psychic space around your value? What stories are you unconsciously projecting about your unprocessed internal belief systems? The place in our home we will focus upon will be the room where you do your work; this could be an office, studio, or some other part of your home that you want to claim where you express your life force.  

In EROS you will: 

  • Receive bonus master classes from experts in intimacy, sexuality, and relationships.
  • Clear, cleanse, and redesign your office as you explore what is living in your psychic space around your 3rd (core) chakra. 
  • Unfold, unwind, unbind your belief systems about value, power, and how you honor your word.
  • Learn new rituals and practice for expressing and sharing your life force.
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Chapter 3: Wisdom Stories
March 29 - April 19, 2022

In this 4-week module, we will emerge with Wisdom stories for the times we are living in. What lives in the core essence of your life force and holds the gifts that are most needed from these times? What will you reveal about how power lives in and through you? 

In WISDOM STORIES you will: 

  • Transform some of your hardest experiences into stories that holdyour wisdom and guidance for others.
  • Integrate ritual into your storytelling process as you alchemize challenges into gems that can be shared.
  • Focus on cultivating a relationship with your audience.
  • Develop your unique storytelling style.
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Chapter 4: UNITY: Love & Relationships
May 10 - June 14, 2022

We will return to your homes in this 6-week module, and this time explore what is living in the psychic space of your bathrooms and places of self care. I realize bathrooms may not initially appear to be the place to have mythic breakthroughs, but how we do we treat the place of cleansing, purification, and self care? You may be surprised to find the gems that emerge by honoring the parts that we may have previously avoided. We will explore what is living in our stories about sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. What did you learn from these experiences? What doesn’t need to be repeated? What old patterns need to be released, what old stories about love, romance, sexual identity, are ready to be composted so you can express the truth of who you are? And what stories must be told and carried forward for others to glean from your experience? What new relationship model are you desiring to magnetize?

In UNITY you will: 

  • Receive bonus master classes from experts in intimacy, sexuality, and relationship.
  • Clear, cleanse, and redesign your bathroom as you explore what is living in your psychic space around your 2nd (sacral) chakra. 
  • Unfold, unwind, unbind your belief systems about love, relationship, intimacy, and sexuality, and explore where they came from.
  • Learn new rituals and practice for self care.
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August 9 - August 30, 2022

We will gather for a 4-week module to transform what we discovered in UNITY. How do we support the evolution of relationships? How do we ensure that future generations don't end up spinning the same wheels of racial injustice, sexism, and bigotry all over again? You’ll apply your hard earned wisdom so it can be shared and others don’t need to make the same mistakes while also learning how to work with and develop parables of your own.


  • Learn how to express your genius as you express the elements ofyour intimate life in a way that will share your hard won lessons.
  • Integrate ritual into your storytelling process.
  • Develop your storytelling skills and unique storytelling style.
  • Learn the style and technique of engaging stories as a tool for teaching in a variety of topics.
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September 20 - October 25, 2022

This 6-week module guides us into the throat chakra and explore how your essence wants to be expressed, and how to align your voice with passion and purpose. What needs to be said that has gone unspoken? How will you use your voice to speak for the things you care about and want to protect? And how will you use your voice to end the things that no longer serve, yourself, and those around you? In this class we will focus on the area where we eat, the dining room or area of your home where people gather in communion to share their daily stories.

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November 15 - December 6, 2022

Storytellers are the creators of reality. We are the myth makers, and truth tellers, and the reality builders. You will emerge from SPEAK YOUR SPARK with the seeds for your VISION STORIES as you amplify your voice to be heard about the issues you care most about. This course will focus on developing the skills and techniques to create a vision story, either in the literal narrative format, or through a mythic telling, as we listen for what new myths want to come to and through us to guide us in these times. We will also study and engage some of the older prophecy and vision stories that have guided our planet thus far. In addition to storytelling, we will work on developing Op Ed pieces for our local papers, blog posts, social media, as we focus on the kind of storytelling that informs and inspires people to create and share a vision for the world you most want to see. As a conscious creator and sacred
storyteller, you know that you are weaving the stories of tomorrow out of the threads of today. In this module, you will plant the seeds for the future.

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Chapter 8: CANTADORA: Carrying the Old Stories
January 31 - February 21, 2023

No storyteller is complete without an old story to call upon. As we began the year with creation stories, we will end our season together by carrying forward the old stories, some may choose stories from their own lineage, some may choose stories from a lineage or language that is nearly lost. As the aboriginals of Australia say, the stories from our past must be carried into the present so the future can exist. In this class you will develop an intimate relationship with an old myth, learn its history, origin, and eventually come to tell the story in the way it wants to be spoken in our times.

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"Nothing could have prepared me for the immensity or inner treasures unearthed during Sanctuary. I only knew my soul was calling from the desert, aching to be known and its secrets to be unleashed. I do not consider myself a storyteller nor came to tell stories. Medicine is what I needed. The kind you find in sacred arts, rituals, symbols and in the sacred mother of life. The journey weaved together the scattered parts, the preciousness and beauty surrounding me, and the soul crafting needed to claim the truth of my existence. Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you."

-Devi W, Participant in Sanctuary

"Imagine a person who just has a knack for bringing out your gems. Someone who listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt. And in their presence, you become more articulate, creative, and in flow. This is what I experience in Leah’s realm. She is a magnet for your truth to blossom in expression. She provides the nourishment, the curiosity, the nudges, and the challenge to step into the discomfort of a new creation with trust and open-heartedness. Some may think of her as a story midwife. I consider her a creativity locksmith: able to design keys through questions and prompts that can unlock aspects who you’ve always known yourself to be but may have forgotten or lost. Come as you are into Leah’s sphere, and if you’re open, you’ll leave more at home in yourself and your expression than ever before. At least, that’s what happened with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Leah has graced my path."

-Carey McCray, Storyteller in the 2020 Performance Intensive

“Leah’s guidance is finally allowing me to find my true voice, which has transformed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Through the lens of sacred storytelling and meditation, Leah approaches my chaotic thoughts with care and grace, creating a space that truly nurtures growth. She has a knack for spotting the gifts of others, and her methods are perfect for bringing out the unique potential in each of us. Aided by her consistent and stable anchor, I am gently pushed to succeed at forming real process and long lasting discipline. With Leah’s help, I’m finally learning how to flow with my creative life and connect to my muse in ways that are nothing short of magical...she is an absolute gift to this world and it is an honor to work with her. She has catalyzed me to find my own unique use of language and creative expression through storytelling.”

- Elora Lydia, Animator and Storyteller

“I’ve learned with Leah that being a Sacred Storyteller is about so much more than telling stories well. It’s a way of Being in life—of being in service, available to the Divine, in the specific ways that are truest to our own natures. Leah is a masterful guide and a committed advocate for creators and for the Creator in us all and has taught me a new way of being in partnership with inspiration and wisdom. Speak the Spark has been an experience so much more profound than I expected. I’m so grateful for the gifts! “

- Grace Boda


“I not only learned how to write my own stories and perform them confidently, I also learned how to LIVE story. Leah supported me in getting to know a story so well that it embeds into my skeletal structures, flows through my emotional waters, burns through to a personal truth, and finally affects the way I live and breathe. I have loved stories my whole life, and still Leah introduced me to the mysterious transformative power of stories in a way no other teacher has."

- Melinda Bielas, Storyteller in the 2019 Performance Intensive

This course is a prayer
For the people
To remember the truth
of our belonging
To remember our place
in this Sanctuary
And our role as tenders
of this Sanctuary
To remember our bodies
are a Sanctuary
Our home is a Sanctuary
Our Earth is Sanctuary
To remember our role
as creators of