Masterclass - How to Unearth Your Voice (& Genius) Through Poetry

What makes something ... Magic?


Something that moves, stirs, instigates, unlocks? It’s a mysterious thing, this being human. Even more mysterious, when a poetic work becomes something that works on you. The secret to deep, potent creative work is none other than your body.

Come explore this relationship between body and poetry,  Deep within your flesh is a song, a poetry of matter and spirit, the gateway to the inner chapel of creativity, magic, voice, and vision.


This is an invitation to explore what lies within your inner chapel

Into the Body Gateway

Your body is a constellation, a reflection (as above, so below) of your nature-given creative compass. One that guides you to your unique voice, work, and wisdom. When we drop in with this masterful intelligence of Her queendom(s), this real, anchored light can shine through and bring healing power to your work in the world.

In this 4 week course, we will journey through guided meditations and poetry writing exercises to drop in to create a 3 poem collection.

Your body asks you….

You are here. What do you see?

You are here. What do you feel?

You are here. What do you love?


You Will Learn and Align With:

  • How to enter a deep and embodied lens to relate to and commune with your body
  • How to feel deeply into the yes’s and no’s of your body; it’s messages, it’s hints, it’s deep knowing
  • How to drop into embodied writing via nature-focused poetry writing exercises that connect you with Great Nature
  • Explore your depths with a series of guided meditations designed to connect you with your own Psyche
  • How your body holds the creative experiencing vocabulary that comes from felt-sense and not from the intellect
  • Tools to connect with your creative genius on the daily for a potent connection that serves your ongoing muse-ship
Story of Health

Praise for Kat Grasso

I have had the absolute delight at being a part of Kat Grasso's poetry salons for most of this year now and I can't even express how much of a gift they have been. Kat has a way of creating these beautifully supportive containers to connect inside that allow one to really dive into their own unique feelings, voices and ways of expressing that makes for a wonderful salve to the soul. The creativity, magic and self expression that is fostered in the salons is something that, for me anyways, has carried forward in my daily life and I've found myself writing more now than I ever have. Whether a beginning poet, advanced or even if poetry has never really been your thing, I think everyone could find a bit of value and joy in the medicine of expression and throwing some words down in one of Kat's salons.

- Rachel Witter


When Kat invited me to the poetry salon, I was reluctant. Not only English is my 4th language, I truly don’t get poetry and have a fussy aura surrounding the subject. However, I have stories to be told, I have this immense need for communication. And I found that poetry allows me to speak without repercussions. There is no open floor for people to question my experience. For the first time in my half century of life I have heard. When we find people, who actually can even touch the surface of our existence, its joys and struggles, we are truly blessed. Kat has been one of the most magical soul sisters.

- Justyna Smart

We Begin November 30th

Vision Stories

This Workshop Includes

  • 4 live, 90 minute interactive class sessions on Zoom 
  • Writing time and sharing in community
  • Guided meditation
  • Creativity practices to strengthen your bond to the muse
  • Recordings of classes  

Price: $197 USD

$111 Early Bird Until 19th November 2022

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Write, Create, Share, Dream

Your Guide - Kat Grasso

Kat Grasso is a poet, photographer & writer based in the mountains of Topanga Canyon, California. Her focus is on female experience, eroticism and sexuality, initiation, body-wisdom and devotion to Great Nature, all through a poetic lens and practice. She’s the co-founder of Redroom Collective, a community for female-identifying humans that holds monthly gatherings, interactive classes and experiences in magic(k), poetry, tantra, and more.

Kat Grasso

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