Work Exchange


I am currently interviewing the following Work Exchange Positions:

Community Engagement Manager, Zoom Wizard, WordPress Editor, Graphic Designer.


Work Exchange is one of our long-standing practices, and we enjoy engaging in alternative exchanges of energy. Please note: these are jobs that require previously aquired skill sets.

Work exchange is a great way for us to exchange services: your skills in exchange for my live, online, or pre-recorded classes.

This is a job like any other, and it is a requirement that it be treated as such. I have very much enjoyed creating innovative and out of the box ways for people to attend and skill share.

Please note that there is a distinction between work exchange (an exchange for skills) and an internship.


If you are interested, please send a cover letter, resume, three references, and provide links and/or examples of your previous work to


Social Media Manager (filled)

This role is for someone with a proven track record and experience running social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It includes:

  • Updating the Facebook page

  • Updating Instagram

  • Making Instagram videos


Community Engagement Manager

This role is a community organizing role for grassroots marketing. The Community Engagement Manager:

  • creates the affiliate program
  • spreads the word of Sacred Storytelling to likeminded, engaged communities


WordPress Editor

This role is for someone familiar with the WordPress platform and primarily consists of updating information (no design required).


Zoom Wizard

This role is for managing Zoom classes. Classes happen on Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Zoom Wizard is resposible for:

  • Attending and managing the recording of Zoom classes. You will make sure the teacher has the correct name and image in Zoom, ensure that recording starts and is on “spotlight speaker,” and troubleshoot any issues that arise.


  • Transferring videos from Zoom to YouTube immediately after class.


  • Transferring videos from Zoom to Dropbox and, after confirming the upload to Dropbox is successful, deleting the video from Zoom.


  • Notifying the team when the video transfer is complete.


Teacher Coordinator (filled)

This role manages relationships with guest teachers. This role is perfect for someone who is detail oriented, enjoys online communication, and is responsible for setting up and maintaining contact with teachers as they prepare for class. This position requires someone who can work independently and has advanced organizational skills.


Graphic Designer

I appreciate beauty and love working with people who have an eye for elegance. This position is for people who have experience with graphic design and involves:

  • Designing PDFs

  • Creating images for social media using Canva (or your preferred program)

  • Creating basic layouts for assignments.



We are always looking for people who want to collaborate in the artist expression of this work.



Email if interested.