April 5 - April 26, 2022
Tuesdays 11am-1pm Pacific Time



WISDOM STORIES: A 4-week Online Creative Intensive - part of the Speak Your Spark Program.


This Course Is Designed For People Who Want To:

  • Bring a Spark of Joy and Pleasure into their life through a Creative Process
  • Engage story as a tool for healing
  • Learn how to work with story as a form of initiation
  • Commit to transforming and bringing alchemy to life’s challenging moments
  • Step onto the path of living as an elder, and give the power of your stories to the generations ahead

You'll learn to...

    • Engage storytelling as a form of initiation work
    • Cultivate a relationship with your audience so you can fully receive the medicine and teaching that is living within your story
    • Change & heal a story that is interrupting the flow of your life force
    • Learn specific tools and techniques that you can apply to your healing work with others
    • Transform a challenging experience into a story that holds wisdom and provides guidance for others.
      • Build your Storytelling Skills toolbox as you write, rehearse, share, and are witnessed in telling your story
      • Develop your unique voice and style of storytelling
      • Receive supportive and constructive feedback that supports your confidence and joyful expression in sharing your story
      • Engage an ancient art form, and step into the role as Storyteller with confidence

Featured Guest Teacher


Story Coach, Keynote Speaker

“For a story to change the world,” author and storytelling coach Jay Golden says, “it has to change you first.”

That’s why, after a dozen years working at the cutting edge of digital storytelling, Jay shifted his attention to unlocking the purpose of globally transformative leaders through the stories they tell, one-to-one and one-to-many.

Today, as the co-founder of the storytelling company Retellable, Jay coaches and trains founders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs at companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Rainforest Action Network. With an approach that is both personally transformative and also universally applicable, his book, Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, is a guide to storytelling using his original framework - The Journey Curve.

Wisdom Stories $350

4 Weeks (April 5 - April 26, 2022)
Tuesdays 11am-1pm Pacific Time



  • 4 live, interactive class sessions on Zoom (8 hours)
  • 1 bonus guest teacher course
  • Guided meditation and creativity practices
  • Private platform for gathering outside of class
  • Recordings of all classes (permanent access)
  • Coaching and skill building


Here is what students of Wisdom Stories have to say: 

"I expected to learn how to tell stories that impart wisdom —  what I didn’t anticipate was how the wisdom revealed would change me." ~ Wendy

"I I was expecting quality conversations, beautiful and engaging atmosphere, lovely people. What I didn't expect was the expanded amount of wisdom, learning moments, resilience, power, gifts, skills, beauty, and everything that surfaced during each class and meeting with my small group. I felt in awe of the gems, awareness, connection, sacredness and the power in each of our stories. The last class, where we all shared our wisdom stories, was like bathing in the sacred waters of light, clearing, healing, empowering, shifting, bringing a new story to life each time I heard one." ~Andrea

"Through wisdom stories, I opened up my inner wise woman's heart, and she poured out her wisdom into stories and poems, and inspirations. They surprised me, for under Leah's guidance, I had no idea what was coming next. The pen just kept writing and a wisdom story emerged. I feel deep gratitude for the process and emergence which will stay with me forever. At the end, the feast of wisdom was delicious! The flavor of every story so distinct, powerful, inspirational, and full of heart! Truly magical, yet at the same time rooted in reality." ~Karianna

Wisdom Stories + Shine (6-Week Sanctuary Course) Committed to Power & Purpose

Join the next course at the same time and receive $150 off.

SHINE: Power & Purpose: 6 week Discovery Course (May 17th - June 21st)

  • This course is designed to support who you are as a conscious creator.
  • Remove blocks in the way of your life force.
  • Engage writing and creativity as a tool to transform energies, thought forms, and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Enjoy and play with a lit up and fun community
  • Gain the tools to make meaning of these times while learning an ancient art form


Here is what students of SHINE: Power & Purpose have to say: 

"It cracks open your mind and heart in ways that absolutely cannot be anticipated, but mystically supports your positive journey forward." ~Apryl

"The course initiated a process in me that I feel will continue long after the course is done. It offered me a sense of awareness of the subtle workings of the heart soul body." -MMS

"The Power and Purpose course is an initiation. Old stories became revealed, transformed and blossomed into magical stories of Sovereignty, Power and Love. This would have never been possible if it weren’t for the Sanctuary created by Leah Lamb and the amazing Fairies (colleagues) of the StoryLand she created and called within it. I graduated this course with a deep clarity and understanding of my Purpose, the Power of my Spirit, and the Power of Love in my life. Leah is a highly connected Muse herself, leading us all through our own sacred journeys and discoveries, in a gentle and graceful manner, like a feather is slowly carried by the wind only to meet the Sun and become Light." ~APetrut

"Leah’s guidance is finally allowing me to find my true voice, which has transformed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Through the lens of sacred storytelling and meditation, Leah approaches my chaotic thoughts with care and grace, creating a space that truly nurtures growth. She has a knack for spotting the gifts of others, and her methods are perfect for bringing out the unique potential in each of us. Aided by her consistent and stable anchor, I am gently pushed to succeed at forming real process and long lasting discipline. With Leah’s help, I’m finally learning how to flow with my creative life and connect to my muse in ways that are nothing short of magical...she is an absolute gift to this world and it is an honor to work with her. She has catalyzed me to find my own unique use of language and creative expression through storytelling.”

- Elora Lydia, Animator and storyteller.

"Nothing could have prepared me for the immensity or inner treasures unearthed during Sanctuary. I only knew my soul was calling from the desert, aching to be known and its secrets to be unleashed. I do not consider myself a storyteller nor came to tell stories. Medicine is what I needed. The kind you find in sacred arts, rituals, symbols and in the sacred mother of life.

The journey weaved together the scattered parts, the preciousness and beauty surrounding me, and the soul crafting needed to claim the truth of my existence.

Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you."

- Devi W, Participant in Sanctuary

“I’ve learned with Leah that being a Sacred Storyteller is about so much more than telling stories well. It’s a way of Being in life—of being in service, available to the Divine, in the specific ways that are truest to our own natures. Leah is a masterful guide and a committed advocate for creators and for the Creator in us all and has taught me a new way of being in partnership with inspiration and wisdom. Speak the Spark has been an experience so much more profound than I expected. I’m so grateful for the gifts! “

- Grace Boda

“I not only learned how to write my own stories and perform them confidently, I also learned how to LIVE story. Leah supported me in getting to know a story so well that it embeds into my skeletal structures, flows through my emotional waters, burns through to a personal truth, and finally affects the way I live and breathe. I have loved stories my whole life, and still Leah introduced me to the mysterious transformative power of stories in a way no other teacher has."

- Melinda Bielas, Storyteller in the 2019 Performance Intensive

Jacqui bio pic 2

Your Guide - Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell guides people in awakening their creative soul essence through connecting with the mysteries of the earth, story and their own sacred nature. Jacqui bridges a broad range of skills from plant spirit alchemy, energetic healing, history and mythic philosophy, embodiment practices and journey work to inspire transformational shifts in the way people see themselves and their world. She weaves together folklore, story medicine and our natural environment in empowering ways to help us connect more harmoniously with each other and the earth.
Jacqui has been dancing with the mythic imagination for much of her life, through her love of the wisdom held in fairy tales and her work as a spiritual herbalist listening for the voices and stories in the land. As a writer and speaker, she is passionate about encouraging others to explore their own mythology at the borderlands of psyche, body, culture and landscape. She has been facilitating women’s circles, ceremonies,
retreats, workshops and courses in Australia and internationally for 30 years. As a senior lecturer, keynote and consultant, she has taught herbal medicine, essences and intuitive healing in colleges and community centers. Her work is always empowering and experiential, inviting you to come home to a deep sense of belonging and kinship with nature.


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