When The Plants Start Talking: Life, Death, and Gardening

It happens every time I go away:
I return to a few dead plants.

For the record: I’ve left my plants in the hands of master gardeners, environmental leaders, and well intentioned people who know how to keep plants alive,
and yet time has shown me over and over again–

~ no one will take care of the life you love in the way you do~

So it happened.
I returned to some dead plants and some suffering plants.
Which requires something I don’t like doing:

One of my favorites… was nearly dead.
It’s last big leaf was withered and clinging on for dear life–

looking more like stick than stalk.

Against my own impulse to cling to life,
I removed the leaf,
hoping to release the plant of the burden
of trying to keep what was dying alive;
with hope that it could reallocate the energy.


It worked.

Three days later,

happy healthy new life emerged.

Three more times this week other plants in my care taught me this lesson:

Let go of what is not thriving, and new life will emerge.

It’s become a mantra in these quickly changing times.

Release the parts that are dying so new life can emerge

Release what is no longer serving, let go, thrive.

Release, let go, thrive.




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