Develop Your Personal Vision Story
& Live Your Biggest Story

The Future Is Calling

For you to create the vision and the dream

For the world we all know is possible.

4 Weeks


June 22 - July 13

Tuesdays 10am-12pm PDT

   Join us for a 4 week Storytelling Skills course:  

+ Learn how to activate and engage your skills of visioning and dreaming

+ Engage earth rituals into your listening practice

+ Practice story creation and storytelling skills

+ Build confidence & have fun in a playful, supportive, and delightful community


What if....our vision of the future has been hijacked

And it is up to you to rewrite what is possible?

Develop Your Personal Vision Story
And Live Your Biggest Story

Learn new ways to share life lessons.

Develop stories that share your wisdom.

4 Weeks

June 22 - July 13

Tuesdays 10am-12pm PDT

How do you know if this course is for you? 


  • You want to use your voice to shape the world around you
  • You want to learn a storytelling technique you can use as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, guide, or with friends and family
  • You really enjoy having fun
  • You have no idea what story will emerge from you: but the idea of learning a new modality to empower your friends and community excites and delights you


What will you reveal through the stories that emerge through you?




VISION STORIES is a 4-week online intensive, and is the 8th module of an 9-part Sacred Storytelling program.


In this course you will:

  • Develop the skills to dream, write, tell, and facilitate the Vision Stories modality of storytelling
  • Build your Storytelling Skills tool box as you write, rehearse, share, and are witnessed in telling your story.
  • Focus on cultivating a relationship with your audience.
  • Develop your unique voice and style of storytelling.
  • Receive supportive and constructive feedback that supports your confidence and joyful expression in sharing your story.
Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, and performance artist who works with story as a tool for healing. She is the creator of the School for Sacred Storytelling, where she teaches a modality of storytelling for self discovery, community building, and addressing trauma. She has toured healing story ceremonies across the country, and is the creator of Soul Stories, a form of mystical storytelling. She produced and hosted The Green Channel at Al Gore’s television network, has written award winning plays, and PSA’s about climate, and her articles about climate and culture have been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Huffington Post, and National Geographic News Watch. She is writing the book series, The Whale Dreamer.


and join the sacred storytelling community

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"Nothing could have prepared me for the immensity or inner treasures unearthed during Sanctuary. I only knew my soul was calling from the desert, aching to be known and its secrets to be unleashed. I do not consider myself a storyteller nor came to tell stories. Medicine is what I needed. The kind you find in sacred arts, rituals, symbols and in the sacred mother of life.

The journey weaved together the scattered parts, the preciousness and beauty surrounding me, and the soul crafting needed to claim the truth of my existence.

Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you."

~ Devi W, Participant in Sanctuary



• 4 live, interactive class sessions on Zoom (8 hours)
• Guided meditation and creativity practices
• Private Facebook group for gathering outside of class
• Recordings of all classes (permanent access)


Payment Plan Available



A soul story is a mystical form of storytelling where a story is divined for you. If provides insight and guidance through symbol, myth, and metaphor. This can be a delightful way to deepen and prepare for our workshop together and take a deep dive into issues you are working with. 



Reality is not confined to the mere physical world. There is a parallel with the material world and the inner one. The contents of the inner dimensions are exactly as true and real as are those of the outer one.