CANTADORA: 4-Week Online Creative Intensive

4 Weeks (April 25 - May 16, 2023)

Tuesdays 11 am -1 pm PDT
2 - 4 pm EDT

A rare course offering powerful transformation and storytelling tools from a lost art.

story salon

The Story Salon!
Tell Your Stories (free event)

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
5 - 6 pm PT       8 - 9 pm ET

Come tell your stories near to your heart.

All are welcome. Your story should be 5 minutes or less. If you don't have a story, join us. Storytellers need listeners!

power of fairy tales

The Power of Fairy Tales:
An Enchanted History

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
5 - 7 pm PDT,  8 - 10 pm EDT


Join Storyteller Jacqui Bushell in an online course dedicated to exploring the history of fairy tales and their importance in storytelling.


Hour of The Wolf

Soul Story Council - Monthly on the New Moon

Step into a virtual sacred circle and integrate your personal mythology into your everyday life. Soul Stories are an ancient form of intuitive storytelling where a mythic story is channeled for the group. It is both a delightful and powerful tool to use to examine your life from a different perspective and witness yourself through your relationship to the cosmos.



Apr 25, 2023 — May 16, 2023

4-Week Story Workshop (Skills)

Story Salon - Tell Your Stories

May 23rd, 2023

1.5 Hour Tell Your Stories

The Power of Fairy Tales: An Enchanted History

June 6, 2023

Two hour online workshop

"Leah’s guidance is finally allowing me to find my true voice, which has transformed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. Through the lens of sacred storytelling and meditation, Leah approaches my chaotic thoughts with care and grace, creating a space that truly nurtures growth. She has a knack for spotting the gifts of others, and her methods are perfect for bringing out the unique potential in each of us. Aided by her consistent and stable anchor, I am gently pushed to succeed at forming real process and long lasting discipline. With Leah’s help, I’m finally learning how to flow with my creative life and connect to my muse in ways that are nothing short of magical...she is an absolute gift to this world and it is an honor to work with her. She has catalyzed me to find my own unique use of language and creative expression through storytelling.”

- Elora Lydia, Animator and storyteller.

"Nothing could have prepared me for the immensity or inner treasures unearthed during Sanctuary. I only knew my soul was calling from the desert, aching to be known and its secrets to be unleashed. I do not consider myself a storyteller nor came to tell stories. Medicine is what I needed. The kind you find in sacred arts, rituals, symbols and in the sacred mother of life.

The journey weaved together the scattered parts, the preciousness and beauty surrounding me, and the soul crafting needed to claim the truth of my existence.

Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you."

- Devi W, Participant in Sanctuary

“I’ve learned with Leah that being a Sacred Storyteller is about so much more than telling stories well. It’s a way of Being in life—of being in service, available to the Divine, in the specific ways that are truest to our own natures. Leah is a masterful guide and a committed advocate for creators and for the Creator in us all and has taught me a new way of being in partnership with inspiration and wisdom. Speak the Spark has been an experience so much more profound than I expected. I’m so grateful for the gifts! “

- Grace Boda

“I not only learned how to write my own stories and perform them confidently, I also learned how to LIVE story. Leah supported me in getting to know a story so well that it embeds into my skeletal structures, flows through my emotional waters, burns through to a personal truth, and finally affects the way I live and breathe. I have loved stories my whole life, and still Leah introduced me to the mysterious transformative power of stories in a way no other teacher has."

- Melinda Bielas, Storyteller in the 2019 Performance Intensive

Your Guide - Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb learned about how stories could be allies and friends when she was a child wandering the fields, creeks, and ponds of a rural farm in Vermont. Her first loves were writing and theater. Leah experienced first-hand how stories can unite when her play about suicide, “Berries,” was produced by VA Young Writers for The Theater. She went on to study the Eric Morris technique and the Meisner Technique at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City and interned at Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Her love of the environment led her to study at Prescott College, where she earned a double major in outdoor experiential education and environmental education through performance. After she worked with youth at risk for many years as a wilderness guide with Outward Bound and other programs, her commitment to social justice led her to earn a master’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Leah Lamb