The Whale Dreamer

The Whale Dreamer

The Whale Dreamer is a wild adventure through the depths of the oceans, and the state of human consciousness as we approach the 6th mass extinction. The two-book series takes on some of the largest questions of our time, how do you dream about the future when you are living inside of a story of destruction?


The Whale Dreamer begins just after nine year old Kelley drowns in a mysterious accident in the ocean. After being resuscitated, life was never the same. She returned home from the hospital to find her house filled with apparitions of wild animals that are about to go extinct. Kelley discovered that she has become what is known as a Passerby, a vortex of sorts that animals must pass through before going extinct. Every room in her home fills with apparitions of wild animals, from lions to frogs, one can’t move through the house without walking through an apparition of an animal on its way out.

But then the whales start calling.

They populate her dreams. She hears them every time she touches water,  sees them everywhere, sometimes hanging from trees, flopped over the car in her school parking lot, they won’t leave her alone until she answers their call..

Kelley, along with a few scientists and a reporter, sets out on the adventure of a lifetime as she leaves her home to go swim with the whales. But the whales have something up their sleeve: saving the world…but not as we know it.

THE Engagement Campaign

While The Whale Dreamer is a fictional story filled with magic and mystery about what it is to be called into the ocean to swim with whales, the story wanders through the complex issues our world is facing through climate change and the 6th mass extinction. Many of the animals and circumstances mentioned in the series is based on real life circumstances. 

The intention is to create a sense of awe through the story, and offer a pathway of engagement for our audience. Readers will be given opportunities to discover additional information about the animals mentioned in the book, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them.

In its truest essence..

This Whale Dreamer is a wild reweaving of the power of one, with a twist for our time: the power of the collective.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the kickstarter campaign. 

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