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 Myth, Power, and Enchantment

November 10th - December 8th, 5-7pm PST

The forest beckons

Ancient wide trunked trees, heavy with leafy boughs

create long shadows

Darkness whispers around you

Enchantment scents the air

Mystery enfolds you in its wise embrace,

Who walks in

is rarely the one who walks out


Myths are like dreams, truths cloaked in symbols 


In these times of prophecy, in this ‘great unraveling’, the old tales are our way-showers. 

We need stories that have risen up from the earth and through the doorways of the Other World to guide us, stories that will illuminate hidden paths of initiation and transformation. We need their resonant layers of meaning, their rich and potent imagery, to inspire our courage and hope. 

The key is found in your unleashed wild imagination, in visions and questions as vast and encompassing as the sky. 


Journey with the sacred feminine and  awaken into the transformation of a greater belonging through myth


Fairy tales were never written solely for the provenance of children. They hold far darker and richer truths. 


THE BRIAR ROSE is one such a tale, a wisdom guide for our times


You may know this story as Sleeping Beauty.

At its core, it’s about power and disconnection, how patriarchy dismisses the dark feminine and how you too, might dismiss the gifts of your shadow. 

It warns you to be wary of entrancing spell weavers and how to kick free of their sticky webs. Some say magic is dead, but spells are still being cast, by the media, emotions and words that bind, by stories of scarcity and false authority, by those things that take your power, sap your joy or creativity and bind you into smallness. 


Briar Rose is about dreaming yourself awake and embracing the 

wild fullness of your creative potential


What you will receive and discover

  • Awaken to a fuller, visionary soul expression, through trusting and remembering your dreams
  • Reconnect with and integrate what was once split off or banished; what wasn’t allowed to be ‘invited to the table’ long ago, both personally and collectively
  • Discovering what the ‘thirteenth fairy’ may have gifted you
  • Connecting with the dark feminine 
  • Uncovering and accessing what hidden gifts may be awakening within you at this potent time on the planet 
  • Listening for your medicine story through connecting with the mythic realms of divine imagination, symbols and archetypes
  • Listening to Beauty and discovering her wisdom story, as a blossoming for you and the world
  • Ceremonies, mythic journeys, and rituals to support your vision and creativity to flourish
  • Exploring your inner mythic self through writing, movement, and art
  • Recognizing ‘awakening’ forces in your life that empower greater sovereignty and align your sacred masculine and feminine energies  
  • Exploring and honoring your inner temple space and communing with the Wise Woman


The course is powerful, joyful, interactive, and experiential, with group and individual processes, ceremony, stories, connecting with mythic realities and archetypes, journey work, writing, and playing with your creativity. 


What is included:

  • 5 live, interactive class sessions on zoom (10 hours)
  • All recordings of classes (permanent access)
  • Private Mighty Networks group for inspiration, sharing, and community connection
  • Meditations, inspirational creative practices
  • Workbook to deepen your journey 
  • A share buddy to connect in with 
  • Inspiring articles, podcasts, books, and references for further exploring

Class Titles

Class 1   The Thirteenth Fairy

Class 2   Dreaming into life

Class 3  The Tower and the Wise Woman

Class 4  The Awakening of Beauty

Class 5  The Sharing of Story


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Jacqui Bushell

JACQUI BUSHELL shares many years of ceremony, retreats, stories, meditation, herbal lore, nature connection, and dancing with the Divine Feminine. Founder of Sacred Presence, School of Embodied Wisdom, she is the creator of the Magdalene Oils of Anointing, a storyteller, plant spirit alchemist, transformational healer, and passionate lover of our beautiful planet. Jacqui invites women to remember their embodied wholeness and authentic power through reconnecting with the sacred in all life.


What people have said:

‘Jacqui’s deep dives into Story are transformational. This is true soul work, using a diverse variety of techniques to draw out and explore who we are in our own stories. I emerged from her course with a new understanding of an old story, inspiration for a personal creative project, and a community of kindred spirits to travel with.’ Katie Carey

‘I love, love, love learning with Jacqui. Any course or circle she offers, you know you will absolutely get so much more than you were expecting – deeper learning and more opening, which impacts your life in amazing, transformative ways.  Jacqui skillfully creates a multi-layered tapestry of experience, weaving many aspects of the story, personal development, and spirit together.  She shares her wisdom generously but also inspires and encourages you to dig deep to access your own inner wisdom.’ Bernadette Loughlin

 ‘With Jacqui’s guidance, I found out that I could use my magic words and love of the mythical and weave it into the every day, to grow as a less fearful person and a more confident, authentic individual.’ Alice