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33 Creative Writing Prompts to Heal The World


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"I feel honored by the opportunity to work with such an inspired and dedicated teacher. Her approach is transformative and therapeutic. She accomplishes a magical and seemingly impossible feat of facilitation: creating a safe and yet dangerously edgy container for deep exploration and shared reflection. She is a blessing and a treasure."

- Fred Mindlin, Teaching Artist

“This workshop was just the special sauce that I needed. Leah’s process is gentle, intuitive, fun and powerful. She has a wonderful and truly transformative ability to support people in moving people through stuck places and into clear alignment with their own inner wisdom.”

- Camille Nowel

"Leah’s creative prompts have transformed my writing. They have a playful style that encourage thinking outside the box, but more than that, I find that when I regularly engage with the prompts, I develop a creative taproot of sorts. They put me in the frame of mind to notice more, to explore more, and, ultimately, to create more."

- Katie Carey

"Imagine a person who just has a knack for bringing out your gems. Someone who listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt. And in their presence, you become more articulate, creative, and in flow. This is what I experience in Leah’s realm. She is a magnet for your truth to blossom in expression. She provides the nourishment, the curiosity, the nudges, and the challenge to step into the discomfort of a new creation with trust and open-heartedness. Some may think of her as a story midwife. I consider her a creativity locksmith: able to design keys through questions and prompts that can unlock aspects who you’ve always known yourself to be but may have forgotten or lost. Come as you are into Leah’s sphere, and if you’re open, you’ll leave more at home in yourself and your expression than ever before. At least, that’s what happened with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Leah has graced my path."

- Carey McCray, Storyteller in the 2020 Performance Intensive

Leah Lamb

Your Guide: Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, and performance artist who works with story as a tool for healing. She is the creator of the School for Sacred Storytelling, where she teaches a modality of storytelling for self discovery, community building, and addressing trauma. She has toured healing story ceremonies across the country, and is the creator of Soul Stories, a form of mystical storytelling. She produced and hosted The Green Channel at Al Gore’s television network, has written award winning plays, and PSA’s about climate, and her articles about climate and culture have been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Huffington Post, and National Geographic News Watch. She is writing the book series, The Whale Dreamer.

To see a full performance resume, click here.

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