Jacqui Bushell

The Power Of Fairy Tales

An Enchanted History with Jacqui Bushell

Friday, August 20th, 5-7pm PST

Fairy tales have fascinated us for millennia. These familiar and much-loved stories of wisdom and wonder are found in cultures all around the world. Their enduring legacy continues today with their motifs flowing through films, music, books, and advertising. The rich metaphors and archetypal images in these stories extend far beyond the page and influence our psyche, social mores, and gender politics.


Take a journey into the fascinating world of fairy tales:

  • Chart the changing nature and role of fairy tales over the centuries 
  • Explore the politics and influence of the Grimms, 17th-century French women, and Disney 
  • Discover what a fairy tale actually is and why they are still so powerful and relevant today. 
  • Learn the difference between a myth, legend, and folk tale

About Jacqui

Jacqui Bushell has been loving the wild abundance of the earth for much of her life.  Founder of the Sacred Presence School of Embodied Wisdom, she is an inspiring teacher, storyteller, transformational healing practitioner, Reiki teacher, and plant spirit alchemist.  For 30 years, Jacqui has been facilitating women’s circles, workshops, training programs, and retreats around the world, to enhance a deep sense of belonging through reconnecting with nature and the sacred feminine. Jacqui inspires people to live passionately and creatively, in communion with the earth, spirit, and their soul wisdom. 


‘Jacqui’s deep dives into Story are transformational. This is true soul work, using a diverse variety of techniques to draw out and explore who we are in our own stories. I emerged from her course with a new understanding of an old story, inspiration for a personal creative project, and a community of kindred spirits to travel with.’ Katie Carey


 ‘With Jacqui’s guidance, I found out that I could use my magic words and love of the mythical and weave it into the every day, to grow as a less fearful person and a more confident, authentic individual.’ Alicia


‘Jacqui inspires people! She manages to blend story, spirit, and earth magic into one and shine the light on wonders I never knew existed in myself.’ Kate Wilcox


‘Jacqui inspired me to look deeper into all the stories I've unconsciously accepted since childhood. I discovered their hidden wisdom, baggage, and application to my life today. So much insight about what’s possible if I woke to my own beauty, power and fulfillment. I was inspired by the transformation of others and feel my life will never be the same. Jacqui carried the course so gracefully, guiding us to find ourselves and our "ah-ha" moments.’ Vyana Reynolds