What is Longing to Emerge Through You, in These Times of Change?

Step into the Celtic myth of the horse goddess Rhiannon to help live into your sovereignty and inner truth through honoring the land and knowing your wisdom. The Goddess and the White Horse offers a mythic guided journey to accessing the richness of your creative muse through earth connection and aligning with your power.

Clear, wise and living in commitment to peace and love, Rhiannon reveals a path of overcoming gaslighting, betrayal and being outcast, of bridging divisions and fear within herself and society. What could be more relevant to these times we live in now?

With the white mare as your sacred ally, connect with nature and the Other world, and forge a vibrant life path and vision for your future.


Come home to the wellspring of your heart, your inner temple of wisdom and trust the wild truth in your soul.


and join the sacred storytelling community

Connect to the Hidden Realms

From the ancient times when the veil between the worlds was thin, and the Shining Ones walked the land, there emerged tales of archetypes, wisdom and mystery. Hidden within these stories are truths that continue to illuminate our path today, offering glimmers of other possibilities; earth centered, intuitive, heartful and rooted in feminine power.

The Celtic Horse Goddess, Rhiannon is a transformational force illuminating a path of connection between the worlds of spirit, the Fae and earth.  She is a freedom bringer, fertile life force of the earth and great queen of the land, sea and the Other World. She sees through stories of deception being woven around her and makes her choices based on love; of herself, of Beloved, and of the land.


You Will Experience...

  • Come home to a greater sense of belonging and grounded presence, rooted in the land and your heart, held by mystery.
  • Live as the heroine in your life, rather than victim or scapegoat. Explore the role and place of these archetypes as well as of the ‘seeker of justice,’ peaceful warrior and queen
  • Explore the Celtic traditions and mythic memories of the people of the horse, Faery queens and the goddess of the land; Epona, Rhiannon and Macha
  • Work with the five sacred portals of the heart
  • Experience how story offers a dynamic path of healing, transforming old limitations into inner knowing, clarity and courage
  • Strengthen your relationship with your voice and power, activating a wilder creativity
  • Work with horse and Rhiannon’s songbirds as sacred allies
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Testimonals From Past Students

Jacqui’s deep dives into Story are transformational. This is true soul work, using a diverse variety of techniques to draw out and explore who we are in our own stories. I emerged from her course with a new understanding of an old story, inspiration for a personal creative project, and a community of kindred spirits to travel with.’ 

Katie Carey

Bernadette Loughlin

Carolyn Gretta


MODULE 1 - Horse as sacred ally
Connecting with the Horse Goddesses of the Celts, Epona, Rhiannon, Macha, their history, myths and place within the psyche of the landscape. Journey with these sacred beings as allies and wisdom keepers, exploring the cornucopia of their gifts in your life.


MODULE 3 - Freedom, power and choice
Gathering the gifts of the Otherworld to inspire and empower yourself and others. Exploring the thresholds to releasing blocks in your life and hold to your own truth and center.


MODULE 5 - Voice: power and discernment
Awakening and exploring your voice of power through the magic of sacred sound.  Light body activation and RhythmBody exercises with Jane Elworthy. Anchoring new stories and vision through the ‘cauldron of regeneration’. Class is 2.5 hours today.


MODULE 7 - Regeneration
Rhiannon as a story of initiation. Connecting with the mythopoetic realms and shaping stories to share. Living your embodied creativity. ‘Marrying’ the sea. 

MODULE 2 -Initiation
Reawakening the gifts of the returning ‘lost’ child, bridger of worlds, bringer of wisdom. Embodying the sacred feminine as sovereignty, anchored in the land.
Discovering your personal message and the wider societal meaning in the myth of Rhiannon. Casting off old, limiting spell stories, to re-story your relationship with discernment, betrayal and the medicine of healing.  


MODULE 4 - Developing Kinship
Widening the circles of the heart through the five sacred portals of perception. Broadening your experiences of kinship with the world. Transforming burdens through reframing the victim, martyr and outcast.  


MODULE 6 - Unfolding the vision
Reawakening the gifts of the returning ‘lost’ child, bridger of worlds, bringer of wisdom. Embodying the sacred feminine as sovereignty, anchored in the land.

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The Goddess and the White Horse - $375 (Early Bird Until July 20th)



  • online interactive and experiential classes
  • Guest teacher Jane Elworthy will be offering one of her extraordinary sound activations and RhythmBody processes for empowering your voice in week 5 – NOTE this will be a 2.5-hour class
  • All classes will be recorded and available for permanent viewing.
  • All class meditations are accessible for easy re-listening
  • Reading and podcast recommendations for further exploration.
  • A 60 page Workbook of creative prompts to ignite your inspiration, support and deepen your unfolding soul journey.
  • The option to have a group partner outside of class to explore, collaborate and be creative with. This is usually a class highlight!
  • Dedicated community group forum to share inspirations and experiences with online
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Your Guide - Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell guides people in awakening their creative soul essence through connecting with the mysteries of the earth, story and their own sacred nature. Jacqui bridges a broad range of skills from plant spirit alchemy, energetic healing, history and mythic philosophy, embodiment practices and journey work to inspire transformational shifts in the way people see themselves and their world. She weaves together folklore, story medicine and our environment, in empowering ways to help us connect more harmoniously with each other and the earth.

Jacqui has been dancing with the mythic imagination for much of her life, through her love of the wisdom held in fairy tales and her work as a spiritual herbalist listening for the voices and stories in the land. As a writer and speaker, she is passionate about encouraging others to explore their own mythology at the borderlands of psyche, body, culture and landscape. She has been facilitating women’s circles, ceremonies,
retreats, workshops and courses in Australia and internationally for 30 years. Her work is always empowering and experiential, inviting you to come home to a deep sense of belonging and kinship with nature.

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Featured Guest Teacher - Jane Elworthy

Shamanic teacher and practitioner, sound healer, performer and channel of the Hathor and Pleiadian energies, Jane’s mission is to help people remember their true divine nature through the power of sound, rhythm and light code reactivation. She works internationally as a teacher, retreat facilitator, performer and sacred sound channel. After a profound awakening experience, she was called strongly to the ancient women’s instrument, the Frame Drum, and has been a master drum maker, frame drummer and Rhythmbody teacher for over 30 years.

Her work is experiential, often playful and profoundly transformational, encouraging people to embody their voice and authentic power. Jane anchors you back home again, in your body and sacred self, connected with spirit and earth, able to live your fullest potential.