"Leah’s work is rich, expansive, and essential. She isn’t just a storyteller and her work is not just about storytelling. Leah is a midwife holding space for the creative force to move through us and birth a new paradigm." 

~Claudette Thomas


Imagine a person who just has a knack for bringing out your gems. Someone who listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt. And in their presence, you become more articulate, creative, and in flow. This is what I experience in Leah’s realm. She is a magnet for your truth to blossom in expression. She provides the nourishment, the curiosity, the nudges, and the challenge to step into the discomfort of a new creation with trust and open-heartedness. Some may think of her as a story midwife. I consider her a creativity locksmith: able to design keys through questions and prompts that can unlock aspects who you’ve always known yourself to be but may have forgotten or lost. Come as you are into Leah’s sphere, and if you’re open, you’ll leave more at home in yourself and your expression than ever before. At least, that’s what happened with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Leah has graced my path.”

~ Carey McCray, Storyteller in the Performance Intensive 

"My experience of learning about story with Leah was transformative. I have been struggling for some time with finding my voice and therefore finding my power... My voice got lost in the shuffle of all the hustle of life. I always felt pulled away by what I ‘should’ be doing rather than listening to the wisdom within. But Leah’s course showed up in my life and it has shifted me in a very powerful way. I was able to learn new skills (like working with myth) with ease and flow. But most importantly I was able to work with my own real life story in an empowered way that helped me bring closure to an old trauma I had suppressed for years. If I had to do it over, I would choose this course a thousand times over and over again!"

~Lashanda Brown Sell, PhD


Allan Baker - Sanctuary 2022

"An incredible journey of self-discovery of getting out of my mind and just coming into my heart where my creativity has always been and it's just an amazing experience to share a container with other like-minded people with such vulnerability and such grace..."

Carolina - Sanctuary 2022

"We were encouraged to find our edge, and I saw all of my resistance sitting there. It was welcomed into the space and I was able to move past it and that is when I saw how much wanted to be expressed through me..."

Danielea - Mythos 2022

"Like dropping deep into that liminal space beyond what i already knew of myself reaped tremendous gifts and insights so if you are seeking a pathway to understand more of who you are as a whole being here at this purposeful time on earth I highly recommend mythos..."

“I knew I needed a coach who would affirm and delight in my creative process while also challenging me in ways that would take me to the next level. I knew I needed a mentor who understood that what I was working on was more than a story--it was sacred. And I knew I needed someone I trusted to tell me the truth in ways I could hear it. Leah Lamb’s Story Priestessing was exactly what I needed.”

“Leah’s creative prompts have transformed my writing. They have a playful style that encourage thinking outside the box, but more than that, I find that when I regularly engage with the prompts, I develop a creative taproot of sorts.”

~Katie Carey

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Fairy Ann - Sanctuary 2022

"An amazing experience of getting in touch with the gift of myself by witnessing others experiencing the gift of themselves..."

Theodore Lowry - Mythos 1 Day Intensive 2022

"It just built up over the day all these pieces that Leah is gradually having us work through throughout the day and working with each other..."

Shana Williams - Sanctuary 2022

"I've been a story catcher and giver all my life and I think I found my home finally."

Leah Lamb is one of a handful of guides that helped me craft the life of my dreams that I am living now. She led the deepening of my relationship to many practices, including guided meditations, to Story, and to Sacred Storytelling. Because she was the teacher guiding me in revising and crafting of the stories I tell myself and others – about what myths I live in, what medicines I offer, what magic I want to create, and what life I want to live into – I would wholeheartedly say that Leah, by her generous sharing of her authentic genius, is helping me create space, time, and story to live mine.

In addition to Leah’s workshops, both in person and online, indoors and in the forests, her various forms of story happenings have marked several of what I would call my very important life-events: receiving a soul story, my life partnership’s birth, my daughter’s sweet 16th birthday, my first social sharing of Korean drumming in a quarter of a century, my 48th birthday party, an articulation of a personal mantra, self-recognition as a witch, and most recently and memorably, a story ceremony inspired by the myth of Medea. This story ceremony was the culmination of nine souls simmering in the cauldron of transformation for three months; with Leah’s masterful guidance, we co-created an event where we gathered with two hundred others to explore an old myth, engage in soul-searching conversation, and share a community ritual that I know will continue to ripple in us for years to come. This co-creation of the story ceremony with other awakening, creative women enabled me to delve into patterns of my social being and cultural identity in such a deep way that I now feel a more beautiful and expanded sense of possibility for me and everyone I meet.

~ Gloria Park


“Every invite and assignment around story and ritual helped me shed my protective inner wall. Now the sun and moonlight streams in and those bricks have transformed into stones of support underneath me. Thank you Leah for an amazing transformational journey!! You masterfully wove guided meditations, creative experiences, and virtual ceremonies and crescendo the experience with the magic of myth, where we each drew upon the wellspring of wisdom within ourselves, and completed a tapestry of light, inspiration, empowerment, freedom, and joy. Pure Magic!!”

~ Karianna Rosenberg 

“I don't know what I expected, but I did NOT expect the one on one, individualized story recipes that Leah served each participant. Infinite gratitude, I feel nourished in continuing to write from a place of Spirit and Magic."

~Audrey T. Williams


Connie Donaldson - Mythos 2022

" These classic classes are an astonishing mix of the sacred and the very very human..."

Marifran Korb - Mythos 1 Day Intensive 2022

"I know that what i've got today will stick with me and stay with me..."

“Leah created a safe and sacred container for the stories to reveal themselves, and she skillfully coaxed our creative impulses with her signature wit and wisdom. Through her masterful guidance, and her willingness to dance with the Great Mystery, Leah taught me how storytelling can be a powerful source of personal and collective healing.”

~Elizabeth Gould

“Leah accomplishes a magical and seemingly impossible feat of facilitation: creating a safe and yet dangerously edgy container for deep exploration and shared reflection. She is a blessing and a treasure.”

-Fred Mindlin, Teaching Artist


“Leah is a master creatrix and guide as to how to open and reveal one's own unique creative inspiration. Leah teaches with the most perfect blend of emergent creation and structure. I feel like I have the tools and support I need to continue to create and follow my passion in service to love, harmony & connection.”

~Elana Auerbach

My storytelling was mechanical and stale and in a way... unlived, unliving and underlived. This course was as exactly what I needed to spark my soul into finally living that story telling side that I never dreamt I could and would live up to. You did that. You do that."

 ~Bettina Lonfat, Participant in Myth, Magic, and Medicine.