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33 Creative Prompts to Heal the World

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Master Teacher Library All Access Pass

For that avid learner who wants to dive into the philosophy and technique of storytelling, listen and watch over 16 classes with Master Teachers, including: Charles Eisenstein, Stephen Jenkinson, Michael Meade, Rachel Bagby, Starhawk, Jay Golden, Joel ben Izzy, Kalani Souza, Debra Silverman, Nina Wise, and Ayla Nereo.


Storyteller's Recipe Book: Special Ingredients to Create Inspiring Stories

5 Recipes for Creating Transformative Stories:

Creation Story, Wisdom Story, Medicine Story, Teaching Story, Vision Story

Receive 20 creativity prompts that will inspire your creativity. Gain access to meditations and prompts that will help spark your imagination and creativity and guide you through the process of writing poems, and stories.

33 Creative Prompts to Heal the World

Every day for the next 33 days you will receive an email with a video (shot in an outrageously beautiful and inspiring location in Maui) that provides you the day’s creativity prompt, designed to inspire your reflection, play, and creativity.

Soul Story Oracle Cards

Medicine Story: Love

This story arrived in the wake of a prayer to bring healing for these times, specifically for tools to transform and transmute Fear.



Whale In The River: Birthing Your Gift

This Soul Story is for you if you are at the threshold of birthing your next chapter, if you feel the largeness of life demanding to be lived through you, but you have not found your expression yet, or if you are yearning to be fully embodied in your expression, or have not yet found a way or place to give your gift. 

Study on Your Own

Myth, Magic, Medicine Audio Course

Develop an intimate relationship with stories as you examine how they influence the way you live in the world, how they live in your bodies, and how they affect your consciousness as they shape your values, belief systems, and what you believe is possible. Dance with the muse. Ignite your creativity.

Make Love Medicine

This journey is for that person who is yearning to call love into their life, and is open to romancing the muse. You will call forth (aka create) a story with the intention of bringing healing living in the frequency of the love you most desire.


Heal Your Love Story

This journey guides you through the process of working with creativity and storytelling as a tool for self reflection, healing, and consciously changing the roles you play in your life and relationships.


Intuitive Drawing for Creative Empowerment

Learn a simple drawing practice that integrates ritual with visual artist and creative conduit Kristen Myers. In this class you will explore three-dimensional thinking and listening through drawing (or painting or collage).

Inner Landscape: Navigating Our Way Home with Erin Lindbergh

Erin guides you on a gentle and perceptive exploration through the Inner Landscape; navigating the mind-body terrain, through somatic yoga movement, breath, mantra (sacred soundings) and mudras (hand yoga).

1:1 Sessions

A Soul Story is a one-of-a-kind story that is intuited just for you… a story designed to speak to your soul. Through the language of myth, symbols, and archetypes, Soul Stories bring about a deeper comprehension and reflection, and offer a shift in consciousness. Their ingredients are simple: spirit, mythology, archetypes, humor, and irreverence.

Your souls have come together in this lifetime for a purpose. Deepen your connection by diving into your story of your souls, explore your mythic reality, and integrate that into your human existance. These are perfect for special occasions, a moment when you need to hit reset on your relationship, or for the pure pleasure of deepening your connection.

Story Coaching (aka Story Priestessing) offers whole-hearted full presence support and allyship to support you in achieving your goals as an artist, creative, and storyteller.