“I Believed I Wanted To Be A Poet… But Deep Down I Just Wanted To Be A Poem." -Jamie Gil Biedma

"Imagine a person who just has a knack for bringing out your gems. Someone who listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt. And in their presence, you become more articulate, creative, and in flow. This is what I experience in Leah’s realm. She is a magnet for your truth to blossom in expression. She provides the nourishment, the curiosity, the nudges, and the challenge to step into the discomfort of a new creation with trust and open-heartedness. Some may think of her as a story midwife. I consider her a creativity locksmith: able to design keys through questions and prompts that can unlock aspects who you’ve always known yourself to be but may have forgotten or lost. Come as you are into Leah’s sphere, and if you’re open, you’ll leave more at home in yourself and your expression than ever before. At least, that’s what happened with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Leah has graced my path."

~Carey McCray, Storyteller in the 2020 Performance Intensive

Welcome Into The Realms Of

Sacred Storytelling...

If you have wandered into these digital realms
 you may be seeking someone who uses titles such as coach, mentor, or ally...
Against my better judgement...
I prefer the term:
Sacred Storytelling Priestessing*
Fierce Love by Autumn Skye

The name of my game is whole-hearted full presence support and allyship
to support you in achieving your goals as an artist, creative, and storyteller.


You may want to accomplish the following:

  • Step out as a storyteller or writer
  • Develop confidence in your creative style or hone your craft
  • Complete a book
  • Receive story coaching
  • Produce a creative project
  • integrate a creative practice that includes working with the divine
  • Transmute a major life crisis through a creative process.

"Kind yet firm, loving yet fierce, Leah expertly marries the magic with the mundane as she fluidly guides the unfolding of every soul's unique story. Her ears listen for the deeper currents flowing beneath the words and actions, her words call each participant more fully to life, her eyes sparkle with the radiance of aligned purpose, and her heart sings the siren song of remembrance and returning.

Leah's work is an imperative service to the great turning of our world and culture, and her devotion to the mystery invites all that work with her to step into their unique embodied expression of medicine and purpose... If you are ready for true transformation of the tales you tell and the germination of the seeds of growth within your soul, step into Leah's circle and surrender to the greater story that is longing to live through you. 

~Hannah Jermstad

"Leah Lamb is a storyteller and media strategist of unparalleled talent and unmatched wisdom. Leah's work represents a masterful blend of keen, seasoned insight into multimedia trends + deep familiarity with archetypal forces at play beneath the surface of our shared societal narratives + unwavering devotion to the healing of the earth. Each of her dynamic offerings reflects her multifaceted brilliance, and a collaboration with her will leave your own work and understanding of the world forever impacted, for the better."

~Caitlin Sislin

"Leah Lamb is one of a handful of guides that helped me craft the life of my dreams that I am living now. She led the deepening of my relationship to many practices, including guided meditations, to Story, and to Sacred Storytelling. Because she was the teacher guiding me in revising and crafting of the stories I tell myself and others – about what myths I live in, what medicines I offer, what magic I want to create, and what life I want to live into – I would wholeheartedly say that Leah, by her generous sharing of her authentic genius, is helping me create space, time, and story to live mine.

In addition to Leah’s workshops, both in person and online, indoors and in the forests, her various forms of story happenings have marked several of what I would call my very important life-events: receiving a soul story, my life partnership’s birth, my daughter’s sweet 16th birthday, my first social sharing of Korean drumming in a quarter of a century, my 48th birthday party, an articulation of a personal mantra, self-recognition as a witch, and most recently and memorably, a story ceremony inspired by the myth of Medea. This story ceremony was the culmination of nine souls simmering in the cauldron of transformation for three months; with Leah’s masterful guidance, we co-created an event where we gathered with two hundred others to explore an old myth, engage in soul-searching conversation, and share a community ritual that I know will continue to ripple in us for years to come. This co-creation of the story ceremony with other awakening, creative women enabled me to delve into patterns of my social being and cultural identity in such a deep way that I now feel a more beautiful and expanded sense of possibility for me and everyone I meet. I look forward to continuing to learning with Leah as she continues to blossom in her work, life, and community."

~ Gloria Park

“Whether we know it or not, our lives are acts of imagination and the world is continually re-imagined through us.” ― Michael Meade, The Genius Myth

Leah Lamb

In our work together you'll catch the scent of someone who is committed to the greater good of the collective.

You'll notice language that references a spiritual practice, and a commitment to carry forward the teachings of those who inspired my own growth and learning.

You'll notice that I'm grounded in a relationship with the natural world, while inspired by the heavens.

You'll feel my Capricorn as we develop a concrete structure that includes goals and objectives, and swim in my Neptuniun influence as I encourage your capacity for dreaming and visioning.

You'll feel my east coast edge as I name it like I see it, and you'll feel my west coast heart as this is done with love, care, and consideration.

But above all, you'll feel my commitment and utter delight in standing beside you as you liberate and express your genius.

"I knew I needed a coach who would affirm and delight in my creative process while also challenging me in ways that would take me to the next level. I knew I needed a mentor who understood that what I was working on was more than a story--it was sacred. And I knew I needed someone I trusted to tell me the truth in ways I could hear it. Leah Lamb’s Story Priestessing was exactly what I needed."

~Katie Carey, Performer

Ok...What's The Deal With Sacred Storytelling Priestessing*?


It was just a matter of time until we approached this term.

At the core of my intention...I'm saying we will gather in the container of using storytelling and the act of creation, and meet it as a sacred act that has the potential to transform the world for the better.

 To use a few more words to explain: The words we speak matter.

The etymology of language reveals the codes to how we live our lives. Coach...derives from the French language and speaks to the act of being carried. (I'm going to bet that you are actually wanting to run on your own two feet.) Mentor hails from the Greek language and references an advisor, and I'm going to bet you want more than someone to just point you in a direction and say go. Ally...comes from Latin and refers to binding two things together. What is a term that alchemizes all three....?

Sacred Storytelling Priestess... is a term designed to encourage people who want to step into their story work as a sacred practice. I do this work with all genders. To me the act of storytelling is a sacred act that goes all the way back to how our world was created. "In the beginning, the Word existed... The Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1. (Don't freak out, I won't talk religion with you, but I did want to make the point that language is acknowledged in all ancient religions as being at the beginning of everything. And so in this way, I say, I bring my highest self to this great work...I meet it with reverence and respectful irreverance...I bring to you this canister of my being that will come alive in the archytepal structures that are being asked to enliven and support your creative that the.The Queen, The Muse, The Wise Woman, or The Trickster. It means I will call on my highest meet your highest the name of enlivening spirit, serving the collective, our communities, our beloveds, our educational systems, and our planet.

“It Matters That We Take Care Of Our Souls Because We Want To Know That We Are Actually Alive And Engaged In The Dance Of Life" -Francis Weller

"Leah Lamb is a game changer with a sprinkle of magic. In a one hour session, she helped me face the monster in the closet — the negative messages keeping me from moving forward with a new career endeavor — and creatively identify what I’m passionate about, and where to set my intentions for the year ahead. She also provided support in the transition from sabbatical into work, from community organizer to professional consultant, and from east to west coast. Leah is a living example of manifesting dreams and making life happen (not waiting for it to show up). Her audacity, courage, and wisdom is complimented by compassion, heart and soul — making for a deep blend of thoughtful insight presented with grace. In other words, her guidance is grace that packs a punch. Get ready. She’s going to take you to Level Next."

~Rae Abilea, Activist and organizer

A Few Ways We Can Work Together ....

The Supreme Storytelling Package

This is for someone who wants a full immersion into my flavor of sacred storytelling. You will receive private coaching, while also receiving the classroom experience with myself and a range of guest teachers. In this 6 month container you receive:

  • 1:1 coaching each month. These sessions will be co-designed and may include developing a sacred practice, honing your craft, editing of material, and Soul Story depending on your goals.

  • Access to my audio/video library of master teachers (30+ hours) who have spoken in my classes.
  • 100% access to participate live or study in all of my online classes.
  • 50% off In-Person Workshops.

And can schedule 2-4 hours a month of coaching without all of the bells and whistles.

Story Coaching

Perhaps you are writing a book. Or developing a really big story for an event or a talk. Perhaps you are working on stage fright. You could use some support identifying the essence, structure, and craft of your story. Perhaps you want to clarify your real message and underlying intention is despite the context and medium.

This much we know is true, you are now ready for a midwife. Someone who will hold your feet to the fire, spark your imagination and ingenuity when you've hit a road block, and someone to examine what you have created with a wide angle lens and can pinpoint specific areas that need to be developed or refined.

something else you have mind

By now you have caught the scent of my essence.

You might be feeling tingles all over and saying, "Oh yes yes yes...this is the kind of vibe I want to collaborate with. But I don't see an offer to work on what I want to create."

Well then, lets talk about what you have in mind.