Polina Tserkassova

The Art of Soul-Centered Storytelling

with Polina Tšerkassova

With Polina Tšerkassova we have the opportunity to travel to northeastern Europe to immerse ourselves in traditional and modern stories and fairy tales gathered from her extensive travels. Polina will be sharing her unique soul-centered approach to storytelling combining music and unique instruments from all over the world. She  has studied and played with Sufi mystics and is trained in Turkish Music therapy. Polina is a professional storyteller coming from the lineage of storytellers. She published several audiobooks with storytelling and she is often invited to share her stories and views on different topics in TV shows, radio and printed media. In her approach to soul-centered storytelling Polina likes to raise awareness of the responsibility the storyteller carries and the art of Deep Listening.

In this 2-hour class, you will:
  • Receive three love stories from the rich fabrics of the North European traditions (Estonian, Siberian Russian, Celtic)
  • Dive into the soul-centered approach to storytelling
  • Discover the role and the responsibility of the storyteller in the modern world
  • Explore the concept and levels of Deep Listening
  • Learn various techniques of Deep Listening to enhance your relationships with yourself and with others
  • Listen to various rare musical instruments used in traditional music therapy

About Polina Tšerkassova

Polina comes to us from the faraway lands of Estonia where she is a Ph.D. candidate and lecturer in the field of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Through her research, she examines the relationships between sound, experience, music, the creative process, and contemporary religious practices. She is a gifted and embodied storyteller, a masterful musician, a social activist, and a cultural anthropologist. She has traveled extensively around the world performing and studying and learning about cultures and communities. Polina has produced and recorded several storytelling albums in three languages and has appeared as a guest on the world storytelling cafe. As a professional storyteller, Polina composes fairy tales for kids and adults and tells them while playing the instruments of the regions. Some of the rare and unique instruments we may get to experience include the birbyne, rebab, setar, kalimba, santur or the hurdy-gurdy.

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