Kait Singley

Mindful Erotic Embodiment

with Kait Singley

Kait holds a safe and sacred space for us to explore and cultivate our relationship to erotic energy as a vital life force, as it begins within each of us as individuals.

Mindful Erotic Embodiment is a practice of dropping expectation, feeding the senses, owning your eroticism, giving your body what you truly want and awakening a channel of life force that lays a foundation for every connection with another. 

  • Explore your own visceral sense of Eros as a source of connection & creation
  • Play fun & interactive games to explore desire and pleasure - all optional and with variations to match your comfort and consent
  • Be introduced to MEE Time Exercises - Mindful Erotic Embodiment for solo exploration
  • Be guided in inquiry of your own energetic flow and blocks as well as how to safely and carefully meet what you need
  • Meet the possibility to increase pleasure, reclaim power, fuel desire and purpose, and, at the root - access the deep sense of *belonging* that we are all yearning for. ⁣⁣
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About Kait Singley

Kait delights in the paradoxes and delicious dynamism of life as a homesteader and sex educator, a grief walker and ecstatic dancer, a systems designer and an improviser, a mystic and a pragmatist. With a lifelong spiritual practice of accessing the Divine through the body and connection to the natural world, she uses the tools of somatic healing, mindfulness, ecological design theory and nature connection to guide and support her clients.

From her fierce commitment to the liminal and sometimes uncomfortable realms, she brings a grounded and loving attention to sessions as a Somatic Sex Educator and Erotic Embodiment Guide. Kait is comfortable with a wide range of lifestyles and erotic expressions and offers creative co-exploration into your own truth and wisdom through private sessions at

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