Betsy Chasse

Telling the Truth Through Fiction: the Healing Process of Writing Memoir
with Betsy Chasse

An award-winning filmmaker best known for her role as co-writer, director, and producer of What The Bleep Do We Know?! and best-selling author of Tipping Sacred Cows, The Documentary Filmmaking Masterclass, and her newest book Killing Buddha, Betsy Chasse will join us to explore the healing art of memoir writing. In addition to discussing how writing your personal story can be a healing process, Betsy will speak to the creative process as well as the business side of publishing your book.

In this masterclass, you will:

  • how to handle completion anxiety
  • how telling your story changes you
  • why your story is important (and why we're done with gurus on the stage)

About Betsy 

Award winning Filmmaker, Best Selling Author, Change-Maker, Mom. Best known as the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of the hit film What The Bleep Do We Know?!. Her new book out March 2021 is Killing Buddha! She has also produced the award-winning Song of The New Earth, Pregnant In America, Radical Dating and The Empty Womb. She has authored multiple books, including; The Documentary Filmmaking Master Class, Tipping Sacred Cows, and What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Discovering The Endless Possibilities to Altering Your Everyday Reality. In addition to several Best-Selling Self help Compilation books. She also enjoys consulting with multiple clients to develop multi-media content for world-wide distribution. Find Betsy’s books at


What others say about Betsy:

Endorsements for Killing Buddha

Killing Buddha is a delightfully irreverent, LOL read. Sara Wells and her crew are exactly what we need to remind us that life is a journey best enjoyed with authenticity, vulnerability and laughter. I couldn't stop laughing even as I soaked up the wisdom this hilarious tale has to tell. Enjoy this total page turner. ~ Elaine Hendrix, Actress (What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Parent Trap, Dynasty), Activist

 Killing Buddha is a laser sharp journey through the phony love and light dogma of the personal growth world and the many spurious teachers of self-help. The heroine, Sara, is lovable, relatable, perfectly imperfect, as well as funny as hell, scathing, snarky, and ultimately totally authentic.  Seekers and cynics will equally enjoy the trip. ~ Arielle Ford author, The Soulmate Secret

 “Warning: Don’t read this book if you are a prude or aren’t willing to flip your sacred beliefs upside down in the pursuit of Truth (with a capital ‘T’). This story is not for the faint of heart, but for those who sincerely desire a deeply grounded approach to spiritual growth and evolution. Killing Buddha is a skeptic’s guide to higher consciousness that will entertain you, make you laugh, cry and wake the bleep up.” ~ Kelly Sullivan Walden, Bestselling author of It’s All In Your Dreams and Luminous Humanness

“Killing Buddha is a much-needed tonic to the sometimes-toxic beliefs that have seeped into the New Age / Spiritual movement. By poking fun at the all-too-common potholes of posing, preaching, fixing, and bypassing Chasse's book reminds us that authenticity and healing are at best a messy, funny, awkward affair. This book will help you gain the most important spiritual tool for the journey: the ability to laugh at yourself and love the gift of being fully, flawed human.” ~ HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training and The Warrior Heart Practice