SHINE Guest Teacher Series


Disarming Our Language

Transforming internalized Oppression & Reclaiming Your Power


The True Voice

Searching For The Jewel

Alecia Dattner

Shine Your Light

The Power of Humor

Maya Luna

Embodying Ferocious Devotion

Intuitive Writing



Spirit Driven Movement

Radical Embodiment

This is a call to the Conscious Creators of our time:

The healers, bridge builders, seed planters, and seed tenders, and temple keepers.

ENGAGE the technology of Ritual, Prayer, Ceremony, as you ACTIVATE your life force.


Join us for a 6-week online creative intensive that will support your journey to becoming a conscious creator in our times.

Who is this class for?

  • You want to access the source of your power and purpose
  • You want to do this in a responsible way that engages the evolutionary learning of these times
  • You value aspects of new age thought, and you also want it to be connected to earth based, grounded practices
  • You value learning in community
  • You understand with great power, comes great responsibility, and you want to walk the good road as you access your full power.
  • You want to meet old blocks & barriers in new ways, and love the idea of engaging creativity and storytelling as a modality to shift and transform stuck energy, and to bring healing to stories that are not serving you.
  • You want to bring more delight, more joy, more creativity, and direct your energy in life force enhancing ways.



A 6-Week Creative Intensive

May 17th - June 21st, 2022

11 Live interactive classes

  • Tuesdays 11am-1pm Pacific Time
  • Thursdays 11am - 1pm Guest Teachers


Through the stories we create, and the stories we tell, we can allow for the world we most want to live and love in to emerge.



and join the sacred storytelling community

3rd Chakra: Remove Blocks To The Expression of Personal Power

This course is focused on working with the creative process and sacred storytelling as tools to remove stuck energy living in the 3rd chakra, also know as Manipura, “lustrous gem.”

The 3rd chakra is akin to the sun, radiating through the center of our body.

How energy moves through this chakra influences our action, will, vitality and sense of personal power.

On the physical plane, the manipura chakra rules metabolism, the process whereby we turn food (energy) into action. We will be working with the stories that have gotten in the way of the fullest most embodied expression of your life force.

You will be invited to delight in poetry, movement, storytelling, and other creative exercises as you gain more and more access as it runs through all aspects of your life.

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Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 10.14.42 AM


Imagine if Marie Kondo met The Artists Way...

...and you will catch the scent of the essence of this course.

As you are guided through a process of developing ways of creating Sanctuary in your home,

you will lao be guided through ways of liberating and expressing your creativity in the most unexpected of ways....


Now more than ever, we need Sanctuary.


A territory where our fullest emergence has a place to arrive.

Where we can align with the truth of who we are and the divine creative life force available to us.

We’ll explore your relationship to how your creativity and power have been defined by your surroundings as we make our way to the expression of your true essence.

We’ll listen for the stories that yearn to be expressed, shared, healed, and liberated as you you transform blocks and barriers through creative expression. 


What Gifts and Shadows are Living in Your 3rd chakra?

What stories about how you express your power are jamming your psychic space -- blocking the fullest expression of your life force? What stories are you unconsciously projecting about your unprocessed internal belief systems?

All along the way we will engage creative practices, rituals, and storytelling to transmute and transform these energies as we prepare to emerge to tell a new story.

We complete ready to SHINE: Alive and Activated In Your Power, Purpose, and Presence, as you share the gems we discovered through the this journey through your sacred stories. 


You Will Experience...

    • A step-by-step process for clearing your channel and understanding your limiting and liberating thought patterns
    • An experienced guide through the river of your creative process, and 5 supportive guest teachers who will expose you to a range or practices, techniques, and perspectives on how to engage and activate your life force.
    • Core principles of creating prayers and blessings and how to integrate ritual into your creation process
    • Earth-based practices for collaborating with the land as you create your intentions
    • Meditations and prompts that open your creative channel
    • Muse-invoking articles, podcasts, books, and music that will inspire & support your practice
    • Practices that help to reveal the old stories, patterns, unconscious belief systems, and behaviors living between you and your fully activated life force.
    • Rituals for cleansing and clearing, anointing, healing, forgiving, and addressing wounds within the masculine and feminine
    • A supportive community that has gathered at a unique moment in time to focus on bringing their gifts (and yours) to the times we are living in
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Testimonals From Past Students

"The Power and Purpose course was an initiation. Old stories revealed, transformed and blossomed into magical stories of Sovereignty, Power and Love.
I graduated this course with a deep clarity and understanding of my Purpose, the Power of my Spirit, and the Power of Love in my life. Leah is a highly connected Muse herself, leading us all through our own sacred journeys and discoveries, in a gentle and graceful manner."

-Andrea Petrut

"I was thrilled to hear someone so intrigued and inspired about how we are steeped in stories. I found an entire community of people with this passion."

-Roxanne Schueller

“I received A deeper knowing of myself and my purpose and power”

- Anonymous

“The course initiated a process in me that I feel will continue long after the course is done. It offered me a sense of awareness of the subtle workings of the heart soul body.”


"An inspirational journey into ourselves through story and myth, into the deepest parts of ourselves. What revealed was the beauty, depth, and breath of who we truly are-- in a warm and supportive community of others... Inspirational, deep, moving, full of love, healing, and powerful!!"

-Karianna Rosenberg

“A whole new portal of inspiration”

-Jocelyne Marechal


Our journey lives inside of a big story. We will create our agreements for how to live and create in a space that fosters authentic expression. You will be led through a process of mapping your largest story as we go on a mission to find the blocks & barriers.

You will learn clearing and cleansing rituals that provide the structure to examine your energy and capacity to create.


As you recreate your space, you will step onto the path of the temple keeper. You will learn practices to bless and prepare your sacred space and how to listen to your own inner wisdom on how to do this. You will generate earth-based rituals to meet each barrier and block you identify (forgiveness of self and others, healing your relationship with the sacred masculine and feminine, or other challenges you face).


As you release and compost the barriers you are working with, you will free up more energy to catalyze the gifts you came to give. All along the way you will re-story your life through individualized assignments, you will work with story as a healing modality to address your unique discoveries.


Our course will culminate in your designing and building the Altar of Your Becoming in your sacred space. You will present one of the transformational stories you created over the span of our time together. You will leave understanding your unique Creator Matrix, the gifts and the challenges your Matrix presents, and your Creator Archetype.

Register Here - We Begin May 17th

SHINE: Power and Purpose $550



  • 6 live, Interactive Class Sessions on Zoom (12 hours)
  • 5 live, Master GYEST Teachers Classes (10 hours)
  • A private accountability group with other participants who will support you outside of class (you choice to participate)
  • Guided meditation and creativity practices
  • Private online platform for gathering outside of class
  • Recordings of all classes
  • PLUS: Free membership to our online community: (during the course of this class)
    • Story Starter Lab: Weekly free-writing class
    • Monthly Book Reading Club
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(receive $101 discount when you register for both courses)

Everything included in SHINE, plus MEDICINE STORIES Storytelling Skills Course

  • A 4-week storytelling & workshop class (July 12 - August 2)
  • 1 live, Master Guest Teacher Class
  • Learn how to create a story for purpose of healing
  • We will workshop your stories, develop your storytelling skills, and cultivate your unique storytelling style.
  • Recordings of all classes


Your Guide - Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb learned about how stories could be allies and friends when she was a child wandering the fields, creeks, and ponds of a rural farm in Vermont. Her first loves were writing and theater. Leah experienced first-hand how stories can unite when her play about suicide, “Berries,” was produced by VA Young Writers for The Theater. She went on to study the Eric Morris technique and the Meisner Technique at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City and interned at Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Her love of the environment led her to study at Prescott College, where she earned a double major in outdoor experiential education and environmental education through performance. After she worked with youth at risk for many years as a wilderness guide with Outward Bound and other programs, her commitment to social justice led her to earn a master’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Leah Lamb
SHINE is a module in The School for Sacred Storytelling Program