Disarming Our Language: Transforming Internalized Oppression & Reclaiming Your Power

With Niema Lightseed

Thursday, May 19, 2022 @ 11am -1pm PST


An introductory exploration of the power of words and the potential they have to perpetuate or shift internalized and systemic oppression, and an experiment in building a language of empowerment, sovereignty, and interconnectedness through writing exercises, emergent discussions, embodiment practices, and ritual. This work is designed to bring awareness to the ways our unconscious biases and imposed belief systems constrict our true comprehension, personal power, and authentic expression; examine the racism, colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and other forms of violence encoded in our language; and take steps towards building a regenerative culture of whole interdependent beings with the words we speak.

You will experience:

  • A blend of lecture, writing exercises, embodiment practices, discussions, and ritual.
  • An overview of how trauma, unconscious biases, and imposed belief systems affect our self-perception and ability to communicate with others.
  • An introduction to tools for cultivating more empowering language.
  • An opportunity to practice emergent co-imagination in real time.



Niema Lightseed (she/her) is a poet and priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to inviting personal and collective transformation through embodiment education, language, art, and ritual.

An artist since childhood (BFA Theatre Performance, Roosevelt University, 2002) and a healing professional since 2004 (Hatha Yoga Teaching, Temple of Kriya Yoga, 2004; Massage Therapy, East West College of the Healing Arts, 2017), she writes and performs medicinal poetry, offers therapeutic bodywork and creativity coaching, teaches about the role of somatic awareness in the liberation process, creates community ceremonies, explores the relationship between gravity and social justice, and seeks the marrow of life through a variety of meditative and creative disciplines. As a fat Black woman navigating the intersection of multiple forms of oppression while determinedly seeking the joy that is our true nature and living as art, she strives to create safer spaces where the structures we have inherited can be transmuted and the work of seeing, accepting, and celebrating the fullness of the human experience is possible.

The True Voice: Searching For The Jewel

With Nicholas Adamski

Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 11am -1pm PST


For this class grab your Beret and a pen as we travel into the heart of the poet where we will learn to have conversations with the ordinary and the erotic. Step into the pleasure brothel and Come ready to play with words and with speaking artful way. learn how to put verbs and adverbs in their space. can you create an artifact that will continue to live beyond?

  • Learn the ins and outs of how poetry is made 
  • Create poetry on our own and in small groups
  • Explore fun and interactive exercises to launch your creativity and share your work effectively
  • Learn components of  producing events from the creation of a poem to creating the space to celebrate the muse



Nicholas Adamski is the Chief Creative Officer of The Poetry Society of New York, and he co-founded The Poetry Brothel, The New York City Poetry Festival, and The Typewriter Project. Adamski studied Creative Writing and Political Science at Butler University, earned an MFA in poetry from The New School, and authored "Inside me a whale is taking shape", a handmade poetry chapbook published by Brothel Books in 2009. His work has been featured on Best American Poetry.

Shine Your Light: The Power of Humor

With Alicia Dattner

Thursday, June 2, 2022 @ 11am - 1pm PST


Join comedian, speaking coach, and creatrix extraordinaire, Alicia Dattner to explore how to use humor as a transformational tool that can shift consciousness. This highly interactive and experiential course you will experience:

  • Learn how to leverage and empower humor for good
  • Learn how to reclaim your narrative by taking your story less seriously
  • Learn how to integrate humor into your storytelling so your crowd gets on board
  • Learn how to find the funny in any situation: from hangnails to climate change



Comedian Alicia Dattner has been touring the world from London to Bombay, selling out shows, and winning awards, like “Best Storyteller”, “Best of the Fringe”, and “Best Comedian”. She’s been directing solo shows, coaching speakers, and leading storytelling and comedy workshops lately, supporting clients to create new writing and performance and win awards themselves. 

Embodying Ferocious Devotion: Intuitive Writing

With Maya Luna

Thursday, June 16, 2022 @ 11am - 1pm PST


Explore the process of writing that is born from devotion to the embodied present moment. What does it mean to write as though you are rock climbing with no rope? Learn how to write like your life depends on it. With absolute presence, trust and embodied ferocity. Explore how the fire of passionate energy can activate your commitment to your writing, born from the razors edge of the present moment.

  • Practices to connect your words to passionate energy
  • Exploring getting out of your head and into your body when you write 
  • Getting free from self consciousness and embracing the raw, vulnerable mess of primal expression



Maya Luna is an Oracular Poet and teacher of Feminine Wisdom.  She teaches online and worldwide and is the creator of the Deep Feminine Mystery School.

Her work focuses on the resurrection of lost Feminine wisdom and the dimension of Reality she calls the Deep Feminine Current. She offers through the vessel of Art, Poetry and Spoken word, Wisdom Teachings and Embodiment Practices focused on reconnecting human beings to the Deep Feminine Current. She has one book of poetry, Omega: Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine and a spoken word poetry album, Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus. Her second poetry album Holy Grail: Her Resurrection is set to release April 17th 2022