Interviews & Podcasts


BENDING IN 2020 : LEAH (as heard on NPR's 51%)

the story of a woman who faced cancer which led to learning about resilience, courage, and connection to apply to the covid era.



The Creative Superhero's Podcast

Leah speaks of her process towards Storyteller, strengthening communities and creating unique gatherings where participants can explore the mythic forms while exploring their consciousness.



Artful Priestess Rose Circle: Weaver Dreamer Priestess on the Couch

An interview with Leah Lamb and Elaine Doughty, founder of the Priestess Presence Temple



The Spark Podcast with Stephanie James

An interview with Leah Lamb about the significance of your story



Consciously Speaking Podcast 

An interview with Leah Lamb and Michael Neeley



The Becoming Nature Podcast 

An interview with Leah Lamb about what story is, how story can change our ways, and more.



Wake In Wave: An Awakening Podcast

Leah speaks about her path to storytelling in this live interview



Keeping Stories Alive: Storytelling Matters Podcast

An interview with Leah about our obligations to a story when we tell it, what happens to a story when we write it down and how stories change our world.


oh haimark

Inspire Possibility with Mark Susnow

Bringing meaning to our existence and using storytelling for transformation is the name of the game. Life is short. Long stories are delicious. And the love of making our planet a place where future generations can thrive is the last word.



The School of Mythopoetics: A Gathering of Stories

A seasonal ceremony, conducted over livestream, bringing together renowned storytellers, musicians, and poets from around the world, providing new insight and perspectives on the most vital themes of our time. Leah shares her story The Becoming of the Great Mother