Ocean Wisdom

Greetings Beautiful Human,

I carry a story from Ocean today… you see I have been visiting with her every morning.

Each morning I bring her love, gratitude, and then I plead with her to carry away my doubt and fear about our future.

She answers… sometimes through soft gentle whispers, sometimes by just holding me, but each and every day she gives me something to practice with.

“I’m afraid of what is coming,” I said to Ocean this morning.

“It’s just a wave,” she said, as she lifted me off my feet and set me back down again.

“There’s a lot of talk about endings and I’ve been studying history, and the change of great civilizations, and starvation, and death and destruction–”

“Take a breath,” Ocean advised.“I know how culture and the arts are the first to be attacked,
I studied the witching times, and colonization, and I’m afraid.”

Ocean hummed and said, “And you, storyteller, know that endings lead to beginnings. No story is complete without an ending.”So I dove into her belly, and felt the wholeness of everything connected
and was held in the world of gravity without weight as her cold 
salty water washed away the mess that clung to my mind and the fear of the unknown. 

 “I want to prepare for the worst,” I say to Ocean.
“I think I am alive because some distant ancestor knew how to do just that.” “Then learn how to ride the waves,” Ocean said.
“A wave is a wave…a wave of sound, a wave of light, a wave of water, focused and harnessed power.” 

 And so she’s been teaching me
how to always turn and face the wave,
and how it is in the facing that choices are made. To dive under,
to dive through,
to jump up and catch her,
or to jump into her at just the right moment so she carries you to shore. 

 Every morning the lesson is the same:
turn and face the wave and choose your ride. Turn your back and the wave will have its way with you. Sometimes it pushes you to your knees, sometimes throws you under.
But then you come back up.
And you choose to get out,
or to stay in and ride another wave.

I handed over the last of my fear on this day. “But they say this is going to be a bad wave in the fall…”

 Ocean laughed and splashed as she brought me another big swell to play in. “A wave is a wave is a wave is a wave. Do dolphins call waves good or bad? They are just part of the world you live in. Learn to ride them.”
And with that, Ocean carried me to shore,  and I walked away,
with this story to tell. 

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