Medicine Story: Love


Medicine Story: Love


image by Carrie Todd

Image created by Carrie Todd 

Things you can’t make up: Carrie, who was the recipient for this story, shared during our session that she had created an elephant journal. And this is the image she created. 

This story was created in an Hour of The Wolf Story Oracle Council on November 16th, 2020. 

It arrived in the wake of a prayer to bring healing for these times, specifically for tools to transform and transmute Fear. 

Themes addressed in this story: belonging, community, disconnection


How to listen: 

It is recommended that you listen with intention, and to enter into ceremony with the story as you collaborate with it to receive the gifts it has to offer. 


How to prepare:

  • Create a sacred space that honors yourself and your relationship with the unseen world as you prepare to reflect and receive the medicine of this story
  • Give yourself an hour to receive and reflect on the story
  • You may want to light a candle or set an intention for yourself: consider what is alive in your life that could use your attention and tending, and ask to receive guidance from the story regarding this aspect of your life experience


How to Listen:

  • Create a place where you won't be interrupted, you may lie down, or you may sit in a relaxed position.
  •  It is recommended that you listen with your eyes closed, and allow yourself to go on the journey of the story. 
  • You may want to use ear buds to have the most intimate experience with the audio: But please be warned: the song at the beginning is loud so you may want to begin with audio set at a lower level. 
  • As you listen, see yourself inside the story, and notice, what parts of the story feel good in your body, what parts do you associate yourself with?


Reflecting On This Story:

  • You may choose to listen to the reflections of those who caught the story in the live session, and hear how the story came alive for them...we always bring different aspects to understanding. 
  • Or: you may choose to turn the audio off after the story is complete, and go straight into your own state of reflection.  


Reflection Phase 1: Where do you find yourself coming alive in the story? 

This can be the parts of the story that feel really good, or don’t feel good. This can also be the parts of the story that confuse or disorient you… or the part of the story that you yearn to experience more of in your life. 

Notice what part of the story you strongly associate with: where are you living inside the story? Are you the elephant? The fairy? The crowd? The witch? The bees? The being inside the uterus of the elephant? The snake that others are afraid of? If you strongly associate with one of those parts of the story, or if there is a part in the story that is bothering you, and you want to understand with more depth or in a more comprehensive way you can do a free association freewrite. 

For example: Let’s say you associate with the elephant: one way to approach expanding your understanding of the symbolic metaphor is to do a freewrite association:

 I am the elephant….I am here to say… 

...and allow what wants to emerge from you through free association writing. 


Reflection Phase 2: Through symbol

For example: what do the bees represent to you? What does that elephant represent? Who or what part of yourself does the fairy represent? Always call on your own internal intuition first, and then if you feel inspired, you can always look up the universal meanings. 

You may feel called to draw a medicine shield or mandala that reflects back the sensations you want to carry forth or came from the story. 


Reflection Phase 3: Reflecting through metaphor: 

Did any of the scenes or scenarios inspire you to think of how things are playing out in a similar way in your life? What do you do if you feel left out of something? Are you the bees being asked to call harm? What fear are you riding your elephant into? 


Reflection Phase 4: Themes

  • What is your relationship to love: giving and receiving? 
  • Is there a mother wound that is asking for your care. Attention, clearing, forgiveness?
  • What is your relationship to belonging? 
  • What actions do you take inside of yourself and outside of yourself when you meet something you don’t understand? 
  • What is your response to feeling left out? 
  • Where are you in your own gestation period of self love? Are you at the beginning of your practice? Are you the fairy who is ready to walk this energy into the world? 


Reflection Phase 4: What is this story about… to you? 

We will all receive different aspects of the story: if you had to summarize the story in a sentence or two… what is this story saying to you? 


If you have chosen this oracle story: 

If you have chosen this story: you have been invited into a state of universal love. 

What if you were the seed of love itself? And what if that seed of love that you are is growing inside of you? And what if, you have the unique role of bringing this kind of unconditional love into the world? If you have chosen this card today, you may be invited to bring the energy of archetype of The Great Mother into the world, and to experience yourself as a/the creator of love. 

And what, in a female identified body, or male identified body, can go within, and nurture the seed of unconditional love that is in you, to feed and nourish that seed as it grows stronger, more resilient and powerful, and can walk in the world, outside of you. 

What if love wasn’t something that you found outside of yourself? But rather something you generated inside of yourself? 


Additional Meditation:

If you have chosen this Oracle Story today, something inside of you may be asking to allocate  some time in your day to step into the timeless space of the womb of creation, and allow yourself to rest and restore in the frequency of unconditional love. 

As you step into this frequency of love that has no beginning or end, this is just what is. Notice what parts of your life, your body, or stories in your world come to mind as they request an infusion of your expression of that tender, gentle, kind, generative, universal mother love, and imagine this energy going to these places in your life. 


Ritual Action: 

To bring this story fully into an embodied expression, you may want to choose one thing to practice on for 10 days. 

  • Each morning, call forth the fully embodied presence of love into your body. 
  • Choose one thing you want to practice with: this is something outside of yourself. For example: you may choose to practice on a human you are in a challenging situation with. Can you have unconditional love while still holding clarity, honesty, and healthy boundaries? 
  • Or you may want to extend your practice to an expression with the natural world: what is something you deeply care about and want to protect? And what practical action can you do today as an expression of this kind of love you generated today? How would a letter to your congressman standing for water rights, or protecting whales, sound like if infused with the kind of love you feel after this meditation? 
  • Listen deeply to your own knowing: and how this wants to be expressed and practiced in your everyday life. 


You may also be called to create an altar to this story: 

As the Irish mystic and poet John O’Donohue said, when we create an altar, we alter life. When we create an altar to this story and the themes within it, we create a place where we can feed and invite those energies to live among us. Perhaps you want to create an altar in your home, with flowers and candles and the objects that represent the various parts of the story such as the elephant, the womb, the fairy, and love itself….

You may want to consider a place in the world that you want to bring this story to: perhaps you want to create an altar outside … perhaps you want to offer this kind of love to a body of water or forest or lonely tree near you. Or perhaps there is a place in your town or city that could use a little Tender Love and Care, and there is a way you can bring this practice or build an altar there. 


Ritual Practice: Collaborating with the energy of love to transmute and transform fears

At the end of this story, our fairy rode the elephant into “the real world”. There they walked right into the place that she feared most, the dark forest, a place where she feared snakes would fall from the skies on her (oh the symbols just keep coming!) The story shares that after her experience with the elephant in the womb of self love, how this fear was no longer present, but rather a memory of Fear. 

Can you go into your mind's eye, fill yourself with the love you generated from this story and practices, and now imagine approaching something you actively fear, while holding the energy of love that you have cultivated through this story in your body? Notice what happens. 


Colors associated: pink, orange, purple, yellow

Planets: venus, mars

Crystal elemental: pyrite & emerald

Number associated with this story: 10