July 12 - August 2, 2022
Tuesdays 11am-1pm Pacific Time

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Step Into a World Where Story is the Medicine


…Where an ancient language drawn from symbol, myth, and metaphor, holds the frequency to widen one’s perspective, heal the heart, and bring ease and peace to the places where longing, angst, and anxiety once took hold.


In many ways, this way of meeting story is part of our ancestry of being a storied race.

In other ways, this is a nearly lost art practiced by those who are the bridge walkers between the dimensions of this world, and the land of mythos. 


Stories have always held wisdom and guidance

 for how to live in a good way 

with each other and on this earth.

“It was mind blowing, changing the very bones of my structure and of who I thought I was. I am feeling lighter, expressing myself more freely, a huge burden gone. The change was deeper than expected”  

Katja Machleidt

This  was a truly transformative experience. It helped me reframe the conversations I have with my inner parts and gave me a level of confidence as a writer that I did not have before this experience. I felt seen, heard and held, and all within the container of a virtual space.


Iowa Wander

“It’s going to challenge you to see yourself as a more whole person.”

Brittney Johnston

“This course changed my perspective and understanding of what myth is and how powerful the act of storytelling is. I discovered much more about myself with the writing of my own story and my own gifts. I was astounded by the richness and creativity of people's stories. Mythos has now inspired and given me the confidence to go forward in my life and embody story into my creative projects.”

Rob Hough

Did you know you can call for a story to come to you when you are in need?

Medicine for yourself


This is that course you take when nothing's making sense, and you need another path into the meaning making. This is that course that will support you when there is something unresolved in your system: a broken heart, loss, grief, feeling lost or out of sorts. 


What Distinguishes Medicine Stories From Other Stories?


The majority of the stories we create at The School for Sacred Storytelling are designed to be shared with others, however, a medicine story is different. This story  is created with the intention of bringing healing to you.

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You'll learn to...

  • Develop a wider perspective, & healing to an unresolved situation in your life
  • Deepen your relationship to symbol, metaphor, and archetypes
  • Practice earth-based rituals
  • Develop your intuition and deep listening
  • Learn new techniques for activating your mythic imagination
  • Leave with a new story, a new perspective, and a new way to live outside of the old story that you felt trapped within
  • Learn how to work with story as a healing modality
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Medicine Stories $350

4 Weeks (July 12 - August 2, 2022)
Tuesdays 11am-1pm Pacific Time


  • 4 live, interactive class sessions on Zoom (8 hours)
  • Guided meditation and creativity practices
  • Private platform for gathering outside of class
  • Recordings of all classes (permanent access)
  • Coaching and skill building


Experience Your Soul Story (Add on at Checkout)

A Soul Story is a mystic storytelling and divination -- a vehicle to explore your consciousness. In this private session you receive a song and story that explores how your soul is living in the mythic dimension. It is another way of claiming your multi-dimensionality, and your wholeness. Similar to a tarot reading— your Soul Story provides guidance by illuminating what is living in your consciousness through symbols, archetypes, and metaphor. You will walk away with a new perspective, and daily practices and rituals that will support the integration of what was discovered in your session.

Medicine Stories + Unity (6-Week Sanctuary Course) An Exploration of Relationship to Love of Self, Others and Land

Join the next course at the same time and receive $100 off.

Unity: 6 week Discovery Course (September 6 - October 11th

One part creativity course
One part cultivating a practice and relationship with the divine
One part redesign your home into a sanctuary

And all parts about how you live in and out of the field of Unity

  • 6 live, interactive class sessions on Zoom (12 hours)
  • 3 live, interactive class sessions with guest Master Teachers (6 hours)
  • A private accountability group with other participants who will support you  outside of class
  • Guided meditation and creativity practices
  • Private Facebook group for gathering outside of class
  • Recordings of all classes (permanent access)



The nature of the work of learning to create a new story while stepping into living a new story will invite you to leave your comfort zone. You will be invited to meet the edges of what you are familiar with over and over, and be given the tools to play there. There is a powerful field that supports movement and growth when you are playing a part in a collective where everyone is committed to keep showing up-- to move through the blocks and the uncomfortable places. This cancelation policy is not just about business, it is about doing what we can to insure that we are all in this together, engaging and using the tools of sacred storytelling to face what ever discomfort or challenges may present. Therefore, by registering for this course, you are signing up to to go the distance.
Cancelation within 48 hours of when class begins
Occasionally someone walks into a first class, and in the first moments realizes they are not in the place that is in alignment for them. If this is you, you will receive a refund - a $30 admin fee. We thank you for your ally ship in understanding that there are admin costs associated with dropping out of a class and we still pay the entire paypal fee of your tuition regardless of if you are refunded.
Cancelation 48 hours after class begins
Occasionally major changes in life situations happen such as a death or massive transition that prevents you from attending. We are understanding of these moments, if you need to drop out after the 2nd class, your tuition can be applied to the tuition of a future class, - $30 admin fee.
leah lamb

Your Guide - Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, and story ceremonialist. She holds a masters in Social Work, and degrees in experiential education and environmental education through performance. Her studies in theater include The Williamstown Theatre Festival, the Eric Morris Technique, and with Sandy Meisiner at The Neighborhood Playhouse, in NYC, where she worked off-broadway at the Lucille Lortel Theater.

She is a lifelong learner, and has studied with many of the great storytellers of our time. And her greatest teacher of story has been a long tale called The Whale Dreamer.  Her commitment to this story has taken her to the edges of the earth and back, as she caught and learned to tell this mythic story of our time.

Her writing has been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, and National Geographic News watch. She has spoken about and taught about storytelling as a sacred art at Google, Hollyhock, a variety of retreats, and continues to produce storytelling events and tour Story Ceremonies across the country.


and join the sacred storytelling community