How to Tell Stories
that Open Hearts & Heal the World



Mythos: A 4-Week Story Skills Class.

Activate Your Mythic Imagination and Engage the Power of Your Life Force
as you integrate the archetypes that live within you
and claim the wholeness of what you are,
and the vision for who you are ready to become.


Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf

February 1st, 10am- 11pm PST

Live and Interactive Video


Soul Stories are an ancient form of intuitive storytelling where a mythic story is channeled for the group.

It is both a delightful and powerful tool to use to examine your life from a different perspective and witness yourself through your relationship to the cosmos.

In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and Carl Jung, we will examine the mythology, metaphors, symbols, and archetypes that appear as we utilize the story as a blank canvas to examine our consciousness.

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The School for Sacred Storytelling Presents

Speak Your Spark

A Journey into the Power of Ancient Storytelling and the Sacred Arts




“We are all part of the old stories; 

whether we know the stories or not,

 the old stories know about us.” 

—Leslie Marmon Silko


Watch an Introduction to the program here.


There is an ancient language calling through the ethers of time.
Ready to be reclaimed and remembered.
It speaks through the roots of trees, through the mist of clouds, the cry of an unseen bird.
It arrives through the vehicle of a living sacred story,
and these stories are living in and through you.
The old stories are asking to be healed,
and the new stories are ready to emerge,
and the sacred stories are holding the wisdom of the ancients.

But can you hear them? 

Is your vessel clear? 

Is your listening honed? 

Can you catch and carry them so that they might be heard?

Is your mind prepared to break through your paradigms? 

Are you packed for a journey into the mythic realms and ready to face the mysteries? 

These stories are your stories.


Join us for


Speak Your Spark Program

A 20 month Journey through the heart, mind, soul, and body of your stories


  1. 5 - 6 week SANCTUARY modules that utilize the creative process to explore where and how the stories are living in the chakras of your body [60 hours of live interactive classes] 

  2. 6 - 4 week STORY SKILL BUILDING modules where you learn skills and techniques so you can share your stories with confidence [40 hours of live interactive classes

  3. 5 1 Day Story Ceremonies where we work with story as a tool for healing and transformation

  4. 35 GUEST MASTER TEACHERS live and interactive classes designed to bring you a global and diverse perspective of the stories of our times [70 hours of live interactive classes]

  5. Ongoing Group of Greatness Peer Group

  6. Members only online community


To learn more about how to register for the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for the Speak Your Spark Program email