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The Practice of Ceremony and Ritual

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke Medicine Eagle takes us on the journey to source and to the beginning of time as we approach the practice of ritual and ceremony. In this class she shares the story of White Buffalo Woman, and explores how this story informs and prepares us for the times we are living in. She also introduces practices in ceremony and ritual and how to develop your connection with source. 
In this 2-hour class you will: 
  • Receive the story of White Buffalo Woman, and how this old myth, and her holi ways, apply to our current situation. 
  • Receive an introduction to the practice of ceremony and ritual
  • Learn how to put ritual into action
About Brooke Medicine Eagle
Brooke Medicine Eagle is a legendary indigenous Earthkeeper, wisdom teacher, mentor, healer, visionary, singer/songwriter, shamanic practitioner, catalyst for wholeness, and sacred ecologist. She is the best selling author of the Native American literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and of The Last Ghost Dance. Her individual and group work is empowering, enlightening and supportive of your very best self.
As a sacred ecologist Brooke has a focused interest in promoting a conscious and sensuous relationship to All Life and to living a harmonious, sustaining lifestyle. She has a deep personal dedication to the honoring and preservation of our sacred waters. What she has to offer has been deepened remarkably by going back to her childhood home buffalo ranch in the mountains of Montana.
Over the last 40 years, her many music recordings, teachings, writings, conference appearances, and wilderness spiritual retreats have touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Blossoming Into Harmony, the primary ongoing resonance of her work, promotes a heart-centered, ecologically sound, healing way for the flowering of Mother Earth and All Our Relations. She is now traveling and teaching internationally, enjoying the experience of being a Gaian citizen.  For more information about Brooke visit and
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Awaken Your Inner Temple: Connect with Your Soul Essence Genius

Elayne Kalila

Elayne takes us on a journey into becoming a keeper of the temple. 
In this 2-hour class you will: 
  • Discover the ancient archetype of TEMPLE - and how it’s relevance to this current our times and unique moment of collective evolution 
  • Explore the myth of Indra’s net and how it is a symbol of Temple 
  • Understand Temple as the sacred space where we engage with our Soul Essence
  • Activate your Imaginal Cells and awaken the mythic dreamer within you
  • Deepen your understanding of what it is to cultivate a personal inner temple and to extend this out into your home and life 
  • Open to the incredible substance, nourishment and deep sense of belonging that arises when you enter into your inner temple
  • Develop the relationship with your one Soul Essence: language, metaphors and symbols that are here to renew and replenish us both individually and collectively at this pivotal time
About Elayne Kalila
Elayne Kalila Sophia Rose is an ordained Priestess and the founder of the Priestess Presence Temple — a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School which initiates women into the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine — in a modern context.Through embodiment practices and devoted service, the temple inspires women to unleash their leadership gifts and step into their full potential. Elayne specializes in helping women tap into their deepest wisdom, enabling them to harness their own transformational power to be more effective and whole in every aspect of their lives. She is a psychotherapist, global social and spiritual activist (see — the organization she co-founded), best-selling author, speaker, and soul midwife.
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Cultivating a Spiritual Relationship with Gardening

Preparing to Work with Land Based Rituals
with Alika Atay

 Alika supports our work with ritual and planting seeds, for our literal practice and metaphoric integration as storytellers. We discuss the heart of sacred ceremony of agriculture. 
This class goes into Hawaiian concepts such as Hina and Mana, and what it is to be Pono, in right relationship. Alika shares Hawaiian indiegenous agriculture practices, and the methods, procedures and protocols for growing food as medicine. 
In this class you will learn: 
  • Indigenous perspective of coming into relationship with your land. 
  • Cleansing rituals that support your intentions in the garden
  • How to prepare you body, mind, and spirit for planting seeds and growing food
  • The lunar cycle and how to work with the moon cycles in the garden
About Alika Atay

Alika Atay is an organic farmer and grassroots leader of Hawaii’s ʻĀina Protector’s United effort and was elected to the Maui County Council. Atay was the lead plaintiff in the SHAKA Movement’s federal lawsuit over the invalidation of Maui’s successful GMO Moratorium initiative in 2014. He is known to many Native Hawai’ians as “Uncle Alika.” 

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The Sacred Art of Anointing

Diana DuBrow

Diane Dubrow supports our learning about how to prepare the temple keeper, and take you on a journey into the art of the Scent Priestess. Drawing on the medicine of sacred scents and holy oils, she will help you move through your fear, and bring you into connection with your strength, courage, and wisdom. For this course, you will need an Essential Oil. It is recommended to purchase the Oil of Courage from Diana’s line of Holy Oils at
In this 2-hour class you will: 
  • Move from a state of worry into the state of peace through the priestess practice of anointing.
  • Receive the transmission and blessing of the Emerald Temple holy oils
  • Learn more about mystical temples and their holy oils to empower your practice
  • Come together in community with a sisterhood of open-hearted and like-minded souls
  • Celebrate the priestess within and the Divine Feminine
  • Return to a sense of safety and empowerment
About Diana DuBrow
Diana has traveled the world teaching the Sacred Art of Anointing for over 40 years. She has used her holy oils to awaken the priestess within and help women rise! In times of change and transformation, and in times of initiation and rebirth there is no stronger medicine than consecrating and opening the body to higher states of awareness, through Sacred Scents. Step into a sacred circle and receive deep blessing and consecration through the sacred art of anointing. Learn how to bless the body, and nourish and strengthen the heart. This class is a time for renewal, empowering you to step forward in your life, and your work, with clarity and strength of purpose. Learn more about Diana at
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Sanctify Your Space: Create Your Own Sacred Symbol

Kristen Myers

Kristen Myers leads us on a creative journey, guiding us through the process of creating a personal Medicine Shield. Magic happens when we, as creators, bring the invisible into form. For centuries, we have created maps of consciousness in spoken, song, movement, and visual forms. These sacred art forms serve as helpers, teachers, reminders to reorient us to the truth of who and what we are. A medicine shield is a personally channeled symbol, created in prayer by listening with our hearts and hands. This is your unique empowering symbol in the world. Different from a symbol found in a book somewhere, this is a symbol born through you, of your essence, and in your language. It holds the frequency of your prayers and intentions. You will learn how to channel the energies of your essence to create a personal Medicine Shield to anchor your medicine and bless your altar and sanctuary space. Kristen will guide you in a process creating sacred space and opening your channel, connecting with your creative essence to receive your Medicine Shield. She will also facilitate a process to receive and fully listen to your shield. You will then have your beautiful Medicine Shield to continue to dialogue with over time. This class is for all experience levels with art! Creating in the moment, we discover our language as we go.
In this 3-hour class you will: 
  • create sacred symbols of your own
  • Receive help tapping into your creativity
  • find a refreshing approach to picture making
  • Experience ritual and art making
  • Dive deeper into intuitive art
About Kristen Myers
Visual Artist and Creative Conduit Kristen Myers is a Memphis native and Visual Artist since childhood, exploring many mediums including clay, painting, song-writing/sound, and movement arts. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute of Art and Design and studied in the healing and Somatic Arts for many years. Kristen shares her wisdom with nuance and elegance, teaching from her own personal hero's journey. She teaches classes for Coherent Creators, helping realign people with their pure expression, embodiment, and joy of creating. Some have included Art Medicine, the Art of Visual Prayer, and Stoking the Sacred Spark. Kristen also works one on one as a Creativity Consultant and Midwife. Her work and process can be seen on Instagram @beautyweaving.

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