Justin Michael Williams

You Are Enough: Meditation for Resilience and Radical Change

with Justin Michael Williams


Meditation is not about relaxing, it’s about BECOMING MORE ALIVE. And if you grew up in the struggle—overcoming homophobia, sexism, trauma, shame, depression, poverty, toxic masculinity, racism, or social injustice—you need a different type of meditation… one that doesn’t pretend the struggle doesn’t exist. This isn’t your typical mindfulness workshop. In this session, you will learn how to use meditation to overcome what Justin calls “internal oppression,” and how to pinpoint the wounds that seem to be stopping you every time you try to grow. You’ll also be guided through a proprietary process of discovering your Unique Energy Signature so that you can experience what Justin calls “Radical Resilience.”



Prepare to experience a dynamic journey with Justin that will include a soulful talk, music, a mindfulness practice and education, which from the ground up, have been built to welcome all ages, genders, identities, religions, and socioeconomic statuses. Regardless of your identity—you are welcome here.

In this two hour class, you will learn:

  • What it means to decolonize meditation and make it accessible to “the rest of us”
  • A “Dream Bigger Meditation” that connects us to our true dream for our lives
  • How to discover your “unique energy signature,” and how knowing this signature can become a touchstone for you during difficult times
  • Engaging the “Revolution Inside” and bringing that revolution to the outer world

Justin Michael Williams, 33, is an author, transformational speaker, and top-20 recording artist who has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness. From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, Justin knows well the pain of adversity and the power of healing to overcome. He has since been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Grammy.com, Billboard.comThe Root, The AdvocateYoga Journal, and SXSW®. With his groundbreaking book Stay Woke, and over a decade of teaching experience, Justin’s message of hope and empowerment has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe, particularly through his national "Stay Woke, Give Back" tour bringing mindfulness to youth in underserved communities. Justin is dedicated to using his voice to serve; to being a beacon of hope for those who are lost, and to making sure all people, of all backgrounds, have access to the information they need to change their lives. Learn more at www.justinmichaelwilliams.com

Praise for Justin Michael Williams

"Justin gave, hands down, the most empowering virtual keynote and workshop that we've had internally to date. He left the team inspired and wanting more. We look forward to partnering with Justin again very soon." - Chris Berry, Sr. Account Manager, Google

“Not only is Justin Michael Willams the real deal when it comes to teaching meditation, awareness and presence, he speaks from personal experience and from the heart. His story captures you and takes you on a personal journey that changes you at the core of your being. Many of us are on a journey to ‘stay woke,' and Justin Micheal Williams will wake you up with challenging questions and provocative thoughts, held in a space of wide-open compassion. In his month-long residency at Esalen Institute he touched staff and visitors with enduring change.” - Terence Gilbey, CEO, Esalen Institute