Erin Lindergh

Inner Landscape: Navigating Our Way Home

with Erin Lindbergh

When harnessed, the energy of elemental opposites can inspire and strengthen the spirit, brighten our senses, crack open our hearts and illuminate the way home.

Erin will guide you on a gentle and perceptive exploration through the Inner Landscape; navigating the mind-body terrain, through somatic yoga movement, breath, mantra (sacred soundings) and mudras (hand yoga).

Her somatic approach allows one to re-pattern neuromuscular tendencies by harnessing the energies of apparent opposites. Learning to dance with dualites allows us to become more receptive, less protected, more integrated; even beliefs about trauma, injury and growing old can shift into a fluid, more agile and joyful approach to navigating the terrain of life. Navigating our inner landscape awakens our capacity to listen, and to be receptive and open instead of feeling overwhelmed and contracted by stimuli. The embodiment of this natural practice allows the authentic voice within to courageously express that which yearns to be shared and witnessed.

In this two hour class, you will:

  • Explore the dynamic relationship of the sacred vertical and horizontal axis
  • Practice the medicine of mudras and corresponding sacred sounds
  • Move sequentially in and out of stillness and flow, release and action, stillpoint and spaciousness
  • Replenish the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Sound your Soul

About Erin 

Erin comes originally from the landscape of rural Montana, has lived in remote East Maui, surrounded by waves, wind and jungle for the past twenty years. She is a tendress of the terra firma and a writer of its story, a yogini of moving poetry, an Ayurvedic nurturer, a devotee of ducks, songbird of the soul, inspired by the oracle of orchids and the rhythm of the ocean.

Erin offers Inner Landscape sessions and consultations on line and from her home. She also offers micro retreats.

Praise for Erin Lindbergh

"Erin's teaching method is as powerful as a tropical storm but with the delivery of a gentle breeze. She is the best yoga instructor I have ever encountered, gifting us with the bodily wisdom of decades of practice." -Cee Elbert ~ Farmer & Artist ~ Hana, Maui

“Erin unites Yoga with Aloha. Her practice connects people to their inner self, the land, aina and the sky, lani.  Her gentle, sweet voice of guidance combined with the singing bowl is nectar to the god of Maui.” -Allen Greenberg ~ Artist ~ Pacific Palisades, CA