Celia Alario

On Being Remarkable: Public Speaking as a Sacred Art

with Celia Alario

In this playful, interactive session we’ll explore the sacred act of giving voice to what is on our minds and in our hearts. We’ll bring intention and alchemy to four areas of public speaking preparation: Content, Intent, Style, and Mindset. What important ideas long to be expressed by you, and what do you need to speak that spark in a way that feels authentic and germane? What rituals will you create to prepare your remarks? And what attitudes will you tune up so that sharing leaves you feeling fully self-expressed and is received by your audiences as remarkable, sacred and irresistible? Whether one-on-one or in front of a large group, and whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert, public speaking mastery is possible for all of us--it all begins in the sanctuary of the soul.

In this two hour class, you will:

  • Explore methods for grounding in your intentions, so that your content can emerge from the heart with ease and clarity
  • Center your audience so you can speak what you need to share in a way that aligns with what your audience needs and is ready to hear
  • Develop rituals for before and after talks, to make preparation and evaluation sacred
  • Learn tips and tools for aligning your mindset and self-compassion as a force to drive your speaking prowess
About Celia

Celia Alario coaches change agents and care givers towards a life of greater vitality, pleasure, optimum well-being and full authentic expression of their heart’s desire. From the United Nations climate negotiations, to mass marches in the streets, to UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Studies program, Celia’s trained thousands to use their voice in service of their vision--in ways their audiences will find irresistible! Celia sustains her own wellness through an alchemic mix of yoga, hula hooping, and practicing the art of non-attachment. Bred by New Yorkers and raised in Los Angeles, she alternatively chases her poodle across the majestic redrock landscapes of Southeastern Utah and the effervescent coastlines of Central California.


Praise for Celia Alario

“With Celia's coaching and wizardry, I moved from public speaking panic attack to confident grounded storyteller. Celia supported me to recognize my gifts and find my voice, and to utilize them to uplift my own story and that of my organization. She is a godsend miracle!” - Sadaf Cameron, Director, The Kindle Project

"Celia brings a passion and intensity to her work that can light you up. She really knows how to zero in on what's needed to catalyze achievable change. She got me ready for an appearance on NBC's Today Show and helped me immensely."

- Lawrence Axil Comras, Writer & Business Leader, former President/CEO of Green Home, Inc.