Are you ready to dive into the mysteries of Sacred Storytelling?

Vision Stories

What is Your Vision of the Future

4 Week Storytelling Course

March 14 through April 4, 2023
Tuesdays 11 am - 1 pm Pacific Time,
1 - 4 pm Eastern Time 


This course will provide you new tools to add to your skill building Tool Box: 

Key benefits include:

  • Learn visionary skills
  • Tap into collective genius for better solutions
  • Gain confidence in your communication skills

You can apply these skills to all areas of your life:

  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Community organizing
  • Small children wrangling
  • Develop confidence as a communicator

But here is the magic ~
When you know how to create and craft a VISION STORY, 

you have the golden key out of the nightmare

of the spells cast upon our future.

Become a solution focused thinker.

Learn how to plant the seeds of tomorrow
through messages woven into the stories of today.

Join me for an inspiring 4 week Storytelling Odyssey

It's Time to Reclaim the Vision of Our future.

An online course for Sacred Storytelling
Saturday, March 18th 10am-7pm PST

Bring the magic and invite the sacred back into your life and explore what it means to carry the medicine from the myths. This is a call to creatives, change makers, teachers, entrepreneurs, healers, and everyone ready to make meaning out of their story!

Learn to:

  • Reclaim your creative spark!
  • Transform your stories into powerful teachings.
  • Ignite your creativity as you engage your mythic imagination.
  • Develop a mythic story from a personal life experience
  • Expand your knowledge on archetypes, myths and mythic stories from around the world.
  • Be witnessed in the telling of your personal story​.
  • Discover new ways to bring ritual and the sacred into your life​.
  • Embody the magic and medicine you are into your everyday life.

Launch that Vision, Create that Dream Project
Next Cohort is invited to join March 10th, 2023

Transform your blocks and barriers into life changing initiations with The Bloom Collective, a 12 month transformational program.

Meet with other creatives as you are facilitated by experienced mentors who will provide you the support, skills, and accountability you need to fully embody your creative vision.

You know this is for you when...

You are ready to fully embody your purpose, practice, or passion in the world and need some support, guidance, and inspiration to bring your vision to full fruition.

THE BLOOM COLLECTIVE is designed to keep you accountable to your vision, provide the skills you need to succeed, and expand and widen your network and capacity.

Sacred Storytelling Membership

Join a community of Sacred Storytellers who are creating, practicing, supporting each other's creative expression.
When you purchase this membership, you instantly gain membership to live gatherings, open office hours with Leah (when class is in session) where anyone can bring what they are working on and explore as a community, + a weekly live writing group where you are given a creative prompt.

Writing in Community: Come write together, receive creative Prompts & sharing circles

The Reading Club: We read 1 chapter a month of the 13 original Clan Mothers

Group Mentor Sessions with Leah

The Living Library: Attend live podcast interviews and watch over 108 hours of recorded classes with master teachers

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Engage your creativity on your own. Visit our bookstore for creative prompts and more. Our bookstore is for that avid learner who is looking to dive into the philosophy and technique of storytelling. Explore a wide range of courses and e-books to inspire your creative storytelling and support you in your storytelling journey.