Are you ready to dive into the mysteries of Sacred Storytelling?

Medicine Stories

Step Into a World Where Story is the Medicine

4 week Storytelling Course

July 12th - August 2nd

We Will:

  • Develop a wider perspective, & healing to an unresolved situation in your life
  • Deepen your relationship to symbol, metaphor, and archetypes
  • Practice earth-based rituals
  • Develop your intuition and deep listening
  • Learn new techniques for activating your mythic imagination
  • Leave with a new story, a new perspective, and a new way to live outside of the old story that you felt trapped within
  • Learn how to work with story as a healing modality

Tell A Bigger Story

Transform Trauma, Unlock Wisdom, Alchemize Your Hard To Tell Stories

1 Day Storytelling Intensive

July 10th 11am - 7pm PST

Story has been one of the most ancient technologies for healing and transforming on our planet. Bring your story to this sacred altar and meet it as a living being that deserves your respect and reverence. Your story has the capacity to offer magic and perhaps even an unexpected perspective that provides a bridge to healing.


The Love Maker

Step into a story journey where you come face to face with The Maker of Love

Story Ceremony and Workshop

July 23th 5pm - 8pm PST

Through myth, music, movement, interactive reflective experiences, and three sprigs of magic, this highly experiential storytelling event invites your active participation as you explore your relationship to love.


Engage Your Creativity On Your Own

Visit the bookstore for creative prompts and more.