First Responder Grievers

I’m seeing a lot of you quietly speaking behind the scenes, behind the edges of this pixilated public space. And I feel called to honor your unique role in the great unfolding of our new story. 

First Responder Grievers, you are needed, and you will be leading a path that only the brave will be able to follow.

We are all playing different spokes in the wheel, and eventually we will all take a turn as this wheel of life turns.

Artwork by Miles Toland

Artwork by Miles Toland

Some of us channel our fear and anxiety into action (I’m living in this spoke of the wheel right now). We prepare, we plan, we sound alarms, we strategize, we create comfort for others, we make sure others are awake and alert, we step into the role of doing.

Other spokes of the wheel are presenting and will continue to reveal: 

the weavers and connectors,

the seed planters of new ideas, 

the water bearers,

the gardeners, 

the visionaries, 

the healers,

the alchemists, 

and more…

Artwork by Miles Toland

Artwork by Miles Toland

Our First Responder Grievers have stepped into the role of Being in this wild moment of unknown.

(I actually believe this is one step ahead of most.) They are in the feeling place of what is being lost. They are metabolizing the fear, anxiety, the great unknown, in another way, through tears, through shaking, through stillness.

Grief placed into song, story, dance, and painting~ carves a path for others to have access to that which you already know how to access and touch.

I have heard in the background, whispers of shame and despair from those in a place of grieving in this moment, and I sing back to you a song of gratitude, and a prayer: 

that as your tears find liberation, your voice and your song have a place to be held and heard, and that those tears will water the seeds of new growth untold, unspoken, and unimagined.

Story of Receiving

Story Ceremony

This Saturday we are gathering for a day of story and ritual as we explore Story As A Path of Initiation.

Our theme this month is RECEIVING.

+ Experience Ritual and Ceremony
+ Focus the various emotions and energy you are working with into a creative outlet
+ Examine and alchemize your relationship to receiving 

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