Evolutionary Impulse

I’ve taken out my samurai swords
and want to kill murder
and destroy
everything that has harmed
this gentle heart.

Because destruction
more destruction

Even so
the heart,
still beating for dear life
knows it won’t survive
another self inflicted war
when the bombs
are planted from the inside.

This evolutionary creature of the heart
That when the warrior is woken
Because the cave of the beast of pain has been entered
Rather than walked by or circumnavigated

In order for the heart to make it
And out

The warrior of the heart must become a master
Or it’s mission to destroy
That which causes threatens it’s very existence
Is different
Than that which causes harm
and might
just destroy itself
And the very thing it loves
In the process.

But Pain is weird
It is Both
A Beast with sharp gnashing teeth that can rip apart and destroy
That will throw sucker punches in every direction
That will dethrone, behead, and dismember
anything and everything
that feeds it
threatens its existence…

A Pool soft and gentle that can hold you
That allows for the sweetness of life to seep in through the unsuspecting pores
That can soften the hardest edges
And form bridges of connection

So the warrior of the heart
must be able to walk between
two worlds
and three dimensions
when meeting the multi-dimensional shape shifting multi-faceted beast of Pain that can hold us together or rip us apart.

It requires an advanced technique
That evolves past the known
and worn out ways of being

Because the world’s turning has showed us
That the building of a fortress
Not only keeps the pain out
It Keeps everything out,
Love included.

And it turns out
the strength of the fortress
Strengthens the pain beast
And it becomes bigger and stronger
Until it claws its way in.

The evolutionary impulse says

I see you in all the faces of life
even the unknowns, unrecognized, and unfamiliar

The evolutionary impulse says

You are allowed to sneak in through the secret portals and pathways
That appear
As if from nowhere
Even when I’m all fucked up
Especially when I’m all fucked up
Blown to bits
In the aftermath of when the known pathways, highways, and bridges of love got blocked

Blowing up the heart
Leaving it for


The evolutionary impulse leads
from the Old ways
The no longer exist

The evolutionary impulse
Is an Invitation into another way
of being
Alive to love
to appear

Seeping like water into the dry and cracked open land of the desert from an unexpected rain

Resting as morning mist on the leaf of a plant whose roots are starved for water

Rising with dark purple light of dawn out of the darkest and coldest of nights

The evolutionary impulse
Has stopped looking for love
But rather
Is the love
Out of
the miracle
of life

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Leah Lamb

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