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Create Your Own Sacred Symbol

Kristen Myers

Saturday, October 31 10am-1pm Pacific Time

(included in registration for SANCTUARY as well as EROS)
Kristen Myers leads us on a creative journey, guiding us through the process of creating a personal Medicine Shield. Magic happens when we, as creators, bring the invisible into form. For centuries, we have created maps of consciousness in spoken, song, movement, and visual forms. These sacred art forms serve as helpers, teachers, reminders to reorient us to the truth of who and what we are. A medicine shield is a personally channeled symbol, created in prayer by listening with our hearts and hands. This is your unique empowering symbol in the world. Different from a symbol found in a book somewhere, this is a symbol born through you, of your essence, and in your language. It holds the frequency of your prayers and intentions. You will learn how to channel the energies of your essence to create a personal Medicine Shield to anchor your medicine and bless your altar and sanctuary space. Kristen will guide you in a process creating sacred space and opening your channel, connecting with your creative essence to receive your Medicine Shield. She will also facilitate a process to receive and fully listen to your shield. You will then have your beautiful Medicine Shield to continue to dialogue with over time. This class is for all experience levels with art! Creating in the moment, we discover our language as we go.
In this 3-hour class you will: 
  • create sacred symbols of your own
  • Receive help tapping into your creativity
  • find a refreshing approach to picture making
  • Experience ritual and art making
  • Dive deeper into intuitive art

About Kristen Myers
Kristen is a Memphis native and Visual Artist since childhood, exploring many mediums including clay, painting, song-writing/sound, and movement arts. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute of Art and Design and studied in the healing and Somatic Arts for many years. 
Kristen has had several painting shows at Perry Nicole Fine Arts in Memphis, TN and currently sells her beautiful ceramic wares in stores in the SF Bay Area.
Kristen is a ritual artist and a lifetime student of the creative process. Art is her Mystery School. She shares her wisdom with nuance and elegance, teaching from her own personal hero's journey. She teaches classes for Coherent Creators, helping realign people with their pure expression, embodiment, and joy of creating. Some have included Art Medicine, the Art of Visual Prayer, and Stoking the Sacred Spark. Kristen also works one on one as a Creativity Consultant and Guide. 
Kristen's work and process can be seen on Instagram @beautyweaving and Kristen Myers Arts and Creativity on Facebook.
Marta Maria

Embodied Presence: Reposition Your Perspective & Personal Story

Marta Maria Marraccini

Friday, November 6 10am-12noon Pacific Time

Once we truly understand that our reality is what we perceive it to be--which is developed out of our unique psychological, emotional, and spiritual constitution--we are better prepared to manage life’s transitions, take action in the world, and make strides in living our purpose. When we are willing to make a change in our perception, shift happens. In this workshop, Maria Marta Marraccini takes you on this journey.
In this 2-hour class, you will:
  • Learn how to shift your consciousness in less than 10 seconds
  • Develop tools to navigate different aspects of self and states of consciousness
  • Practice a guided meditation to enliven your Embodied Presence
Embodied Presence - who you are is greater than the sum of your parts.

About Marta Maria
Marta Maria's unique professional journey includes extensive psychological training and almost two decades of dedicated spiritual exploration.
She began her studies at St. Mary's College. Graduating with honors, she received her B.A. degree in psychology. As her interest in psychology and the healing arts grew, she obtained her Masters of Arts degree in Somatic and Transpersonal Counsiling Psychology from John F. Kennedy Univeristy in 1999.
During her consciousness studies, she was introduced to a healing modality know as Transformational kinesiology. Transformational Kinesiology (T.K.) became the corner stone of her training. Within two years she was certified on all 7 levels of T. K. from the GRO institute. The T.K. system focused on perception, energy, and limiting beliefs. She grew to understand that although the family dynamic was important, the limiting beliefs about "the self" based on the family dynamics were even more important. According to Marta Maria,  "What we perceive to be true about ourselves is the point of entry that will allow outdated consciousness to shift and  true consiousness to emerge." According to T.K., when we perceive limiting belefs to be true we generate a particular perception of the world that falls in alignment with those beliefs. These beliefs can distort  "reality" and create significant blocks to our fulfilment in life. Being a skilled T.K. practitioner, Marta Maria can aid in finding these limitations in personal belief and then let them go.
In furtherance of her education and spiritual journey, Marta Maria has in great depth explored meditation, dance, ritual, and sacred chant.  Over the years, she has grown in perception and intuition. Still focused on limiting beliefs as the main point of enrty for personal shift, she began to add to her reprotoir of healing modalities. She studied with Master Spiritual Teachers to learn more about energy, multidimentional "reality" and sound frequency healing. She has been intitiated by Dr. Bindu in sacred white tantra mantras. These mantras hold within them great awareness and transformative energy. Once she incorporated these mantras into her practice she was able to observe dynamic shifts within her clients in very short periods of time. 
Many of Marta Maria's clients describe her as "aware and down to Earth. With a strong ability to create a safe indepth healing and peronal growth space."