Dear Good Men

Good men~ have you checked in on the hearts of your women friends? Have you asked them how they are handling our world?

If the women in your life are a little on edge, this is a good time to check in on them…. Not about the politics….

But about their heart ~ and what it feels like to have a right that many of us were born with or lived with most of our lives taken away.

(For the record, not that this is any of your business, I haven’t gone camping, and always knew that it wouldn’t be an option for me. Even though I always knew this was something I wouldn’t do— I lived in a country that granted me the right to determine my relationship with my body and stewardship over the course of my life.)

If the women you know seem a bit rattled, less compliant or available to your demands/requests/desires… you may want to ask them how are they doing.

Life may be going on as normal for you… but for many of us there are wave upon wave upon wave of awareness’s about what is happening ~ and questions about what is yet to come as a result.

You may not need to seriously consider this supreme court decision again until the next time you reach for a condom- many of us don’t have the luxury …. for every time we walk in the street and hear a man careless with his opinions right now… I’ll just say for me it felt like a smack in the face on the way to the coffee shop this morning.

I want to say that I understand how you too are affected by this. That the concept that a woman could choose life or death without your legal consent was a pain in our greater system.

But the truth is– for me to get there, I have to reach through a barrier of fear, and a piles of stories about the bones of women whose rights and privilege’s were taken away, and then their lives.

Perhaps you think I’m being dramatic. I want to share with you what is being spoken and whispered– the wonderings that American woman now face as a collective that are coming alive.

Rights we were raised with & lived with were taken away. Let that settle into your bones and consider what rights you take for granted.

And while the gardener and the storyteller in me says that life happens in cycles… that when the blossoms of the flower are cut back, the plant grows back twice as strong & puts out twice the amount of blossoms… the woman in me living in this moment in time is out of sorts.

What I know is now more than ever… is a time to come together. And listen. We need to live in love more than ever — even when we disagree– just know there may be a mote that needs to be crossed as all of this integrates into a new world order.
So thank you , in advance, for checking in. Not about the rage or the fear…. but the state of the heart.
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