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INITIATE: Woman's Retreat in Crete

May 19 - 29, 2023

An Adventure for the Soul....

Are you seeking a place to BE while you make sense of all that you have been doing?

We are calling on the most ancient rites of passage technology to support brave women (and women who are ready to tap the source of their courage) to explore what aspects of the self are ready to release in the name of answering the call of that future self who is calling you into becoming.

AKA: Let's get to what is causing interference in your life so you can step into a more joy-filled, resilient, confident, fully expressed life.

Minoan Ladies Crete Retreat
Crete Retreat

You know this is for you if: You want more adventure in your life... in your soul, and in your passport. 

  • You are at a threshold of change: either you are inspired for change, or your world just got rocked by a change you weren't expecting
  • You are committed to being the best version of yourself, and you want your experience to be fun, joyful, filled with companionship and adventure
  • You want to learn new ways to address old blocks and barriers
  • You don't want to talk about changing patterns and behaviors, you want a place to practice them into being
  • You want a place that supports you, calls for your greatness, holds you accountable, where you don't have to be perfect or get it all right while trying on the new aspect of yourself
  • You want to gain experience working with the land, with ritual, and ceremony.
Initiation Begins When You Say Yes


  1. You have a sincere calling and are committed to your
    rites of passage, with the understanding that nothing
    can be fully understood when you begin, and that this
    journey will require commitment, and moving through
    your comfort zones.
  2. You have experienced international travel.
  3. You are healthy, fit and strong for this journey,
    physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  4. You are fully committed to paying the tuition on
    time, in addition to all associated travel costs (airfare
    will be approximately $1,300-$1,500)

The $4,900 usd retreat cost includes:

  • 4 prep sessions on zoom
  • 2 private sessions with your guides
  • 10 days room & board in Crete
  • 3 Archetypal ceremonies in Crete
  • 5 days of immersive nature exploration in Crete
  • Local & Cultural experiences
  • 3 Integration sessions post retreat

What is not included in the retreat price:

  • Airfare to and from Crete
  • Optional Laundry Service
  • Optional Travel Insurance
  • Cash Tips for Staff at retreat center
  • Taxi From Chania / Airport
  • Taxi up to 4 people €40, From Heraklione €120
window onto the sea

In our time together you will experience...

  • Soul Story & welcoming ceremony
  • Clearing and releasing collaborating with the element of water
  • Deep nature Immersions in the caves, sacred sites of Crete, beaches and more
  • Transforming old blocks and barriers, dancing with the shadow
  • Ceremonies that introduce rituals of intimacy with earth, fire, water, and ether
  • Delicious organic local food
  • Sisterhood and time in community
  • Solo time
  • Rituals of making offerings, working with giving and receiving reciprocation
  • Exploring what is your unique medicine
  • Hand crafting
  • Closing, completion, and integration ceremony
Hands in ceremony
Smudge smoke

Elements of Initiations

  • Mystery
  • Severance
  • Crisis
  • Communing with the natural world
  • Relationship with ancestors
  • Communing with the unseen world
  • Being Witnessed
  • Sacred Storytelling

Retreat Participant Testimonial

"Every time I show up for one of Leah’s healing journeys it is profound. The medicine is ever present. This has been a deep dive-- and in a short time I have released some things that were hard to let go of & my perspective has shifted on things I saw as insurmountable obstacles.

I am feeling an ease that is uplifting and serene. If you are willing to do the work you will not be disappointed.

Not only is Leah an incredible facilitator, she creates a safe space and the other woman in the group are brilliant, insightful and kind. I felt my soul say yes to this adventure and I have no regrets.”

- Angele

Your Retreat Guides

leah lamb

Leah Lamb

Founder of The School for Sacred Storytelling

Writer, Storyteller Leah teaches the art of sacred storytelling as a pathway of self discovery and developing a relationship with the natural world and accessing the wisdom in the unseen worlds. Her experience in storytelling ranges from producing and writing award winning plays & PSA’s, short films, one-woman shows, and story ceremonies. She is creator of Soul Stories, a mystic form of Storytelling she practices as a healing art. She produced  the green channel at the Emmy award winning television network, Current TV, her writing about the environment has been featured in National Geographic News Watch, Planet Green, Huffington Post. She has studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse, Prescott College, has a MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a lifelong learner and has also studied at Ariel Spilsbury’s  13 Moon Mystery School, and Stephen Jenksinon’s Orphan Wisdom School. The stories she tells focus on bringing healing to these times. She is in the process of completing her first novel, The Whale Dreamer.

daphne kourkounaki

Daphne Kourkounaki

Daphne Kourkounaki was born and grew up in Crete, Greece.
She facilitates people’s life path renewal using various modalities including coaching, astrology, meditative movement and nature connection. She runs a retreat venue in Crete and her passion is to support people to live a deeply satisfying life.

At 18 years old she moved to England where she obtained a Masters’ degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a postgraduate Masters’ in Environmental and Energy studies. Her earlier career paths involved engineering, sustainability consultancy and career coaching. Somewhere along the way she found herself being called to embodiment to ‘look outside the box’ for new pathways for personal transformation and finding inner harmony.
Since 2013 she has dedicated her life to her soul awakening and the reclaiming and sharing of her authentic essence.

rachel ruach

Rachel Ruach

Rachel Ruach is a cultural midwife, ceremonialist, wilderness guide and mentor. She is dedicated to building community and revitalizing modern culture by awakening our earth-based roots. Holding a strong vision of honoring and protecting not only the natural world, but our children and elders, she has trained in wilderness survival and awareness, traditional mentoring techniques, community building, rites of passage, women’s wisdom, and the ceremonial arts for the last twelve years.

Rachel obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Religious Studies, and continued training for the next 15 years through training and graduating from programs with the organizations: the Regenerative Design Institute, the 8 Shields Nature Connection Community, Rites of Passage Vision Quest Guide Training, Women’s Red Tent, and Infinite Wild Wilderness Skills Immersion. Recently, some of Rachel’s endeavors have been running nature awareness youth programs in Sonoma County, spending 10 years of in-depth wilderness solo time, being brought through a journey of adulthood initiation, founding and directing Infinite Wild, and leading women’s cultural reclaiming and ancestral skills courses, holding maidenhood and adulthood rites of passage, and raising her own precious children.


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