Life, Mystery & Miracles: The Story of Health

with Bernie Siegel

January 9th, 1pm PST

What is your story of health, and how is your livelihood and purpose defined by it?

The stories we tell ourselves determine what roles we play in our lived, and the unseen stories influence habits and what we believe we can... and can't control.

Join legendary doctor Bernie Siegal, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracle, for an experiential 2 hour zoom class where he will explore the mysteries of life, and the human potential to heal as we follow our true path in life.

About Bernie Siegel

Dr. Bernie Siegel, a pioneering pediatric surgeon, devoted his life to overcoming traditional medical methodology, as developed groundbreaking philosophies that focus on mind and body healing. His work is widely renowned in the medical and spiritual communities.

Bernie is known for offering sage advice based on his extensive career of helping people through difficult times. His enthusiasm for laughter, storytelling, meditation, and the healing power of the mind have helped patients and their families manage life-threatening illness for over thirty years.

We will learn about Bernie's unique approach to mind-body healing.

“People are treated like a building…The plumber fixes that, the electrician does that. But we're a unit, we're mind and body. As Jung said, ‘Psyche-soma,’ you know, they're one thing. So what goes on in your head, affects your body.”
if you lose track of time, you can't get older.’ And so when you're doing creative things, meaningful things and 3 hours felt like 30 minutes, you are only 30 minutes older.”

This program will prove fascinating for anyone interested in healing – be it for patients, friends, family, or even yourself. It includes full transcripts and an hour-long bonus meditation with Bernie.

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