You Are To Be Big

Last night I held a Soul Story Council on the land of Topanga, CA. This is no small sentence to share with you… … speaks to the emergence of our new chapter when we can meet and sit in a circle again.   When I meet in our monthly Hour Of The Wolf Story Council…

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A Pulse of Love

There is a story I want to remind you of… It feels relevant to this moment. Some say the story begins in July of 1976. But when you listen for the story, you realize this couldn’t possibly be true. Two men who were about to become kidnappers–  lost a load of cash in a real-estate…

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It’s Your Time

Catrin Weiz-Stein

IT’S YOUR TIME. Your time has come.The one you’ve been waiting for. And the noise about your arrival has settled. The struggle is now a memory. The lessons have been integrated. Your wisdom was earned. The static of distraction; guilt, overcompensating, has shown itself to be just that: a distraction. The giftthe geniusthe ancestorsthe muse… Flows…

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A Story of Curses & Blessings

Leah Lamb Sacred Storytelling

I want to give you one of my favorite stories. I learned this story from Joel ben Izzy, one of my favorite storytellers, and once upon a time a guest teacher for the School of Sacred Storytelling. It’s a story about curses,and blessings,and how challenging it can be to tell the difference between the two.…

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