"Leah lives in story, it resonates in her being – as a teller, as a writer/thinker, as an activist/world changer, as a contemporary artist rooted in the ancient. She knows the alchemy of myth and the miracle of life, and the tangible magic of language performed."

-Joe Lambert, The Story Center


Writer, Storyteller, Founder of The School for Sacred Storytelling

I grew up on a farm in Vermont, and was born at a time when children could wander freely through the fields, streams, and forests of the land. My life was one of constant transition as I moved between families that lived in NYC, VA, & VT.  While at first Stories were my escape, then they became my refuge, and would eventually become my healers. I know stories as living beings, a vehicle for spirit that we get to come into relationship with when we carry or catch a story. While I have studied and sat at the feet of many masters whose names you will recognize, much of what I know in my bones originally came from listening to the land. In my youth I believed I had to save the earth, so much of my work was focused on learning how to do that. Now I believe the earth will continue as it has, in her cycles of life and death, it is our humanity that is at stake. So my north star is focused on reintroducing people to the ancient technology of Storytelling as a way of supporting  people to embrace their wholeness through  the skills, tools, and practices to integrate the different aspects of oneself that reveal during the soul’s journey. Life has brought her initiations; I experienced cancer at a young age, death introduced herself early on, taking 8 people who were close to me and my age by the time I was 24.  Love is one of my journey partners in this lifetime, and I have been a devotee to learning how to love: the land, other, and self. The core of all of my work is focused on bringing  healing to the regenerative cycle of reciprocation and the practice of giving and receiving. I have come to understand storytelling as a gateway to the mysteries, and when one learns not just the craft, but the art of storytelling, all of the skills of becoming great humans are there for the experiencing, as well as learning how to access the wisdom that is available to us through the unseen world. It was weaving my passion for learning how to tend and bring healing to this earth, with community building and healing that led to the creation of the Myth, Magic, & Medicine Storytelling for a New Paradigm modality, developing social impact campaigns for documentary films, producing theater events that address hot topic social issues, and eventually The School for Sacred Storytelling. As for the logistics that got me here… I’ll switch over to the 3rd person because it’s a bit tedious speaking in the 1st person when sharing the context of credentials. (See resume of performances.)

Leah began her studies at School of the Performing Arts in Richmond, VA (thanks mom!) She moved to NYC to study at The Neighborhood Playhouse, in NYC, apprenticed at Williamstown Theater Festival. and worked off-Broadway at the Lucille Lortel Theater. She has written award-winning plays, and produced, written, and directed 1 woman shows.
She studied outdoor experiential education and environmental education through performance at Prescott College, where she fell in love with the wilderness. She has guided people through the wilderness of Montana, Utah, Arizona, and Alaska and is a lover and advocate for undomesticated land and water. She has rafted through the grand canyon, and lived at the base camp of Everest while running communications for the first environmental clean up, and taken up residence in some of the most remote places on this planet while writing her first novel.
Her commitment to the environment has been expressed as an ocean advocate, writing and producing award winning PSA’s on taking action to protect our planet, consulting on communications for The Pachamama Alliance, giving activists a voice in the media while hosting the green channel at Al Gore’s Television Network, covering the UN Climate Talks in Paris, and was the Arts consultant to the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.
Her commitment to working with story as a tool for social change was developed while working with Active Voice, where she developed the strategies and implemented engagement campaigns led by The Fetzer Foundation and Participant Productions.
A lifelong learner, she has studied with many of the great storytellers of our time including Martin Shaw, Caroline Casey, and attended The 13 Moon Mystery School and The Orphan Wisdom School.  Her greatest teacher of story has been a long tale called The Whale Dreamer, her commitment to this story has taken her to the edges of the earth and back.
Her writing has been featured in Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, and National Geographic News Watch. She has spoken about and taught about storytelling as a sacred art at Google, Hollyhock, a variety of retreats, and continues to produce storytelling events and tour Story Ceremonies across the country.


Soul Stories

I practice a mystic form of storytelling called Soul Stories, a form of divination where ones’ soul’s journey is revealed through myth, metaphor, symbol, and archetype. This is done through private sessions and for group story Ceremonies. About Programs and Courses
The School for Sacred Storytelling program is committed to fostering the ancient art of sacred storytelling, and hosts a range of guest teachers from around the globe who share a range of perspectives. The Speak Your Spark Program is designed to support you on your journey to becoming a conscious creator, and introduces a creative modality that supports your clearing of blocks and barriers that are stuck in your channel: giving you sovereignty over your healing process, tools and techniques growth, and 6 different storytelling modalities to support you accessing the wisdom and knowledge that lives within you. The culture of the school is focused on seeking out and calling forth the greatness in others, tapping your genius, and removing the pedestals as we each step into our sovereignty as consciousness and generous creators.


About Sacred Storytelling Priestessing

I engage the ancient technologies of ritual and ceremony as a path of supporting people to integrate all of the aspects of themselves to stand in their wholeness.
Through an emergent creative process, ritual, and the technology of sacred storytelling, we clear blocks and barriers as a way to  access your fully engaged, lit up, and activated life force,
My clients have come to me when they are embarking on a new career, have a creative endeavor they need a guide for, have been processing major life transitions such as loss of loved ones, relationship transitions, and calling their true self home.