A Story of Curses & Blessings

I want to give you one of my favorite stories.

I learned this story from Joel ben Izzy, one of my favorite storytellers, and once upon a time a guest teacher for the School of Sacred Storytelling.

It’s a story about curses,
and blessings,
and how challenging it can be to tell the difference between the two.

Because life is like that.
It flips and flops and often, too often, we can find ourselves in that inbetween moment of…

And then what happened?
(sort of like the year of 2020)

We learned a thing or two these past years,
and like Joel says at the beginning of this video: I’m going to give you a gift,
because I don’t want to keep it to myself.

What gifts do you have that can come through stories?
What story of yours looked like a curse, but was actually a gift?

Join us for Teaching Stories, beginning March 16, and join a global community that is wrestling, toiling, and playing with the times we are in…and how to craft what we’ve gained and learned into stories that can be carried over a lifetime.

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