Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb

Welcome to the home of a storyteller

"Leah lives in story, it resonates in her being – as a teller, as a writer/thinker, as an activist/world changer, as a contemporary artist rooted in the ancient. She knows the alchemy of myth and the miracle of life, and the tangible magic of language performed."

-Joe Lambert, The Story Center


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Medicine Stories: 4 Week Storytelling Course

Where an ancient language drawn from symbol, myth, and metaphor, holds the frequency to widen one’s perspective, heal the heart, and bring ease and peace to the places where longing, angst, and anxiety once took hold.

How to Tell Stories That Open Hearts & Heal the World

Tuesday July 5th, 2022 @ 12 - 1pm PST

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to open your channel to the creative force
  • The art and neuroscience of storytelling
  • How to engage & command the presence and listening of your audience
  • The most common mistakes storytellers make that lose their audience
  • How to activate your creative spark

"The Becoming Of Great Mother" told at a Gathering of Stories. You can watch the full storytelling festival here.

A sneak peak into the short film, When We Were Whales