Are you ready to live your big story?

Every story has its highs and lows. What you make of these experiences depends on how you tell the story. This highly interactive and healing course will ignite your creativity as you are guided through fun and interactive exercises that will inspire you to tell the biggest story of your life.

Through this 5 module program you will learn how to turn the page and access the treasures of a well storied life.

Our Next Cohort Begins On July 12th








“This course was exactly what I needed to spark my soul.”
— Bettina L.

What Makes This Program Unique?

 There are parts of you that are ready to be known, recognized, and seen. You have arrived here because you want to learn how to engage story as a tool for healing. Some of you have come because you want to use this tool for yourself. Some of you are ready to support others. Some of you are looking for more tools to support positive change on our planet and want a place to practice using these tools, and also to get facilitation experience and support in designing your own program. Everyone comes here because they know that when they open to creative expression, they live a more creative life.  The program is designed to provide you with a new magic tool box filled with sacred storytelling goggles, plus access to a golden key and a magic elixir that will help you spot, name, and heal the broken stories in you and around you, so you may ultimately escape them. You’ll have what you need to liberate your voice so you can speak when it is your turn to speak and help others to liberate themselves from these broken stories too. 

The Science of Storytelling 

You will experience the science behind how story impacts the brain and influences the narratives have on our cognitive and emotional functioning. 

By understanding how stories affect the brain, we can harness the power of storytelling to educate, inspire, and connect with others in meaningful ways.

You will learn about: Engagement of Multiple Brain Regions, Mirror Neurons and Empathy Release of Neurochemicals, Memory Encoding and Retrieval, Influence on Decision Making: Cognitive Processing and Mental Simulation

Indigenous Knowledge & World View

You will come into a state of wholeness with your storytelling as you come into relationship with our oldest stories and storytellers who still have a direct connection to their oral tradition. This is an opportunity to learn by guides who provide a direct transmission of story.

Each module will be guided by a guest mentor of indigenous lineage, and you will be exposed to a variety of cultures as well as practices for how to how to be in relationship to story as an ancient art.

The Energetics of Storytelling

This program includes seasoned guides and healers who will provide you the tools, techniques, and practices for how to tend to projections, energetic boundaries, and the unconscious agreements that can take place when working with someone’s stories.

A Place to Practice Marching to Your

Own Drum

The storytellers path is filled with adventure, because there is no path” ~Laura Simms

We each have our own unique contribution to offer to these times. This program is designed to provide you ample opportunity to experiment and practice your unique way of working with story. Past and current students engage story in a multitude of positions: in the fields of social change and public policy, as birth doulas, as therapists, as hosts of grief circles, and as guides for youth through their rites of passage.


Learn Your Myths. 

Know your Magic.

Share your Medicine.

Learn 8 different story structures
that will bring healing, and change the world around you.

The Alchemy of Story Program

The Alchemy of Story Certification program is designed for leaders, healers, coaches and facilitators to learn how to use storytelling as a tool in their toolbox to help them more skillfully support clients.

For those who are committed to learning how to use the power of story for healing for themselves, you can attend the creative intensives (without the additional certification requirements). 

Module 1:
Share Your Essence

Weekend Intensive is: July 11th – 14th.

Thursday 5-7pm PST; Fri – Sun 10:30am – 5pm PST


Sept 24th: Every Tuesday for 6 weeks

11am-1pm  PST 

As we create a foundation for this journey, we’ll journey through the oldest stories on earth as you learn how to tell the oldest stories on earth, Origin stories and Lineage stories, in our preparation for you telling your essence story.

Module 2:

Wisdom Stories


Weekend Intensive: September 26th – September 29

6 Week Creative Intensive November 26, December 3,10, 17, 2024 January 14,, 21, 2025


We will journey into the depths as we explore where the broken and disrupted stories are interrupting the flow of your life. You will learn several tools and techniques to harvest the gems of your experience, and you will come out with a wisdom story to tell.

Module 3:

Stories as Medicine: Medicine Stories

Weekend Creative Intensive November 14th, 2024

6 Week Creative Intensive February 18, 25, March 4, 11, 16, 25, 2025

Learn the unique skill of engaging your mythic imagination to engage story as prescriptive device, and create medicine stories for yourself and those you care for.

Module 4:

The Alchemy of Change

Begins February 6th, 2025

6 Week Creative Intensive April 22, 29, May 6. 13, 20, 27, 2025

We will dive into learning and creating Teaching Stories and Vision Stories. You’ll learn how to make stories work for you as you engage teaching stories in your work place, and and learn how to create a vision story for yourself, for and with your community, and for the world as a whole.

Module 5:

Story as Ceremony

Weekend Intensive:

6 Week Creative Intensive June 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2025

Learn the mechanics behind the mysteries of creating and fostering a space where story can be used as a tool for healing. This module includes seasoned guides and healers who will provide you the tools, techniques, and practices for how to tend to projections, energetic boundaries, and the unconscious agreements that can take place when working with people’s stories. 

This was an initiation … an activation of our imagination, our courage, our intuition, and our magic.”

– Julianna C

“Leah introduced me to the transformative power of stories in a way no other teacher has.”

Melinda B.

“Imagine a person who listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt.”

Carey M.

“I left with more confidence and clarity, more inspiration. and a greater sense of context for what we are doing as storytellers.”

– Ana

“Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you.”
Devi W.  

“Leah accomplishes a magical and impossible feat of creating a safe and yet dangerously edgy container for deep exploration.”

Fred Mindlin, Teaching Artist


Schedule a 20 minute discovery session with Leah to learn more.

There are those who shape the world they live in,
and there are those who live in a world
shaped by others

An Interactive & Experiential Course

“There’s real magic and healing happening throughout this workshop. You go through a satisfying rebirth of sorts. By the end of it, you will feel like you’ve taken a journey of a thousand years and re-emerged as a wiser, stronger version of yourself… until you realize that is who you’ve been all along. You just needed this story-driven shift in consciousness and perspective to see it.”

– Valeria B.


During this experiential program, you will:

Have fun and open channels for creativity

Learn tangible and practical wisdom from respected leaders in the field of psychology and medical narration

Practice being seen, witnessed, and listened to in a playful and supportive environment

Engage the tools of the storyteller: metaphor, archetype, and symbols to 

Have fun engaging the tools of story (metaphor, archetype, and symbols) to support others overcome challenges and open the proverbial “escape hatch” out of a tough situation by inspiring and delighting audiences to see old stories in new ways


Exclusive Online Platform & Community Learning Space

You will receive a personal login to an easy-to-use website where you can access all the module materials, watch recordings, and engage in conversations with your fellow cohorts.

Story For Healing Modalities + Structures

Throughout this healing storytelling training, each module will provide an immersive experience where you will get to experience a new way of being with story, as well experience how story can be engaged with as a tool for healing. You will leave with a strong foundational knowledge of how story can be used in council, grief circles, healing trauma, and more.

Committed Allies

Every class room will provide an opportunity to join a Group of Greatness. This will be your flock, pod, or tribe (depending on your personal mythos). This cohort of peers will support you in practicing and staying aligned with your specific goals and expectations. Your Group of Greatness is a great place to practice your storytelling.

Members-Only Online Community

You will have access to an exclusive online community where you can stay connected with fellow The Alchemy of Story participants, share your experiences and insights, be inspired by the reflections of others, discover local & online events hosted by your peers, and connect with collaborators on projects. While our module portal is private, you will also be part of a larger community where you can join alumni from past modules and other souls committed to the art and craft of being a sacred storyteller.

Evolution has wired our brains for storytelling – 
but do you know how to use this tool? 


Leah is a Story Practitioner who engages story as a tool for healing and transformation. She is supporting the re-emergance of Story being recognized as an ancient healing art that supports the liberation of consciousness and is a tool that can support the expression of our full potential.

Through her courses, international retreats, and presentations, she explores the relationship between story, earth, spirit, and healing, and how this alchemical union impacts our consciousness and capacity to access the unseen world.

She is committed to creating spaces where participants can explore human consciousness and life mastery.

leah lamb

Leah has gone on tour and led Sacred Storytelling Ceremonies of up to 200 people around the country. She has presented at Bioneers, Hollyhock, Google, among other conferences. Her writing has been published in Spirituality & Health Magazine, Good Magazine, National Geographic News Watch, Fast Company, and Huffington Post. She produced The Green Channel for Al Gore’s Current TV, and covered The UN Climate Talks in Paris & Copenhagen.

Leah is the founder of The School for Sacred Storytelling, and created The Speak Your Spark program. She was the arts and dialogue consultant for The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. Her prior work as a social worker involved crisis intervention and guiding youth at risk through the wilderness for 7 years.

Leah has studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse, Williamstown Theater Festival, The Orphan Wisdom School, The 13 Moon Mystery School, as swell as with many other wonderful guides and teachers, including the forests and ocean. Leah has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Storytellers hold the keys to thriving
through the initiations of life


heather regal salmon
Heather Regal Salmon

Guardians of Presence: Crafting Sacred Spaces and Energetic Boundaries in Group Facilitation

Heather Regal Salmon is a pioneering sound healer, mystic, and cultural creative with over 25 years of experience. Rooted in Jamaican and Celtic heritage, she co-founded the Black Swan Temple Eco Sanctuary in Maui with her husband, offering transformative retreats and sacred ceremonies.

Heather’s innovative approach to healing and spirituality resonates worldwide. Heather’s diverse background, coupled with an Economics degree from the University of Toronto, led her to co-author acclaimed books and create her own recipe collection.

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber
Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber

The Sacred Path of the Healer

Franchelle is the founder of the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies. She is a clinical hypnotherapist, multi-award-winning vibrational medicine expert, and author of the Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa. At the heart of Franchelle’s work is working co-creatively with the power of soul, and nature for a holistic healing outcome, to facilitate the re-storying of soul.

Through her training establishments, she offers a safe and structured pathway for those who choose to step onto the ancient sacred path of the healer-shaman and experience the universal and timeless teachings, training, techniques, rites of passage, and self-initiations of the healer priest-priestess. Franchelle is the recipient of the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Service Award in recognition for pioneering, developing and establishing New Zealand native flower and plant essences to facilitate holistic healing.

Leiʻohu Ryder
Lei’ohu Ryder

The Relationship between Ceremony, Healing & Story

Lei’ohu is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter, and educator on Maui. She is an emissary of aloha and an advocate for the indigenous soul in all people.

Lei’ohu has received the Gandhi-King Peace Hero Award, the Peace Educator Award from the United Nations, the Woman of Honor award from Women’s History Month, the Educator Award from the Peace Corps, and the Malama Ka’Aina Award from

Bayo Akomolafe
Bayo Akomolafe

Bayo Akomolafe (Ph.D.), rooted with the Yoruba people in a more-than-human world, is the father to Alethea Aanya and Kyah Jayden Abayomi, the grateful life-partner to Ije, son and brother. A widely celebrated international speaker, posthumanist thinker, poet, teacher, public intellectual, essayist, and author of two books, These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home (North Atlantic Books) and We Will Tell our Own Story: The Lions of Africa Speak, Bayo Akomolafe is the Founder of The Emergence Network, a planet-wide initiative that seeks to convene communities in new ways in response to the critical, civilizational challenges we face as a species. 

He is the host of the post-activist course/festival/event, ‘We Will Dance with Mountains’. He currently lectures at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California. He sits on the Board of many organizations including Science and Non-Duality (US) and Ancient Futures (Australia). In July 2022, Dr. Akomolafe was appointed the inaugural Global Senior Fellow of University of California’s (Berkeley) Othering and Belonging Institute. He is also the inaugural Special Fellow of the Schumacher Centre for New Economics, the Inaugural Scholar in Residence for the Aspen Institute, the inaugural Special Fellow for the Council of an Uncertain Human Future, as well as Visiting Scholar to Clark University, Massachusetts, USA (2024). He has been Fellow for The New Institute in Hamburg, Germany, and Visiting Critic-in-Residence for the Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles (2023).

He is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and has been Commencement Speaker in two universities convocation events. He is also the recipient of the New Thought Leadership Award 2021 and the Excellence in Ethnocultural Psychotherapy Award by the African Mental Health Summit 2022. In a ceremony in July 2023, the City of Portland (Maine, USA) awarded Dr. Akomolafe with the symbolic ‘Key to the City’ in recognition of his planet-wide work and achievements. Dr. Akomolafe is a Member of the Club of Rome, a Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, and an Ambassador for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Liz Lerman
Liz Lerman

Choreographing our Futures: Reclaiming Embodied Knowledge

Liz Lerman is a choreographer, performer, writer, educator, and speaker and the recipient of numerous honors, including a 2002 MacArthur “Genius Grant”Fellowship and a 2011 United States Artists Ford Fellowship in Dance. A key aspect of her artistry is opening her process to various publics from shipbuilders to physicists, and construction workers to ballerinas, resulting in both research and outcomes that are participatory, relevant, urgent and usable by others. She founded Liz Lerman Dance Exchange in 1976 and cultivated the company’s unique multi-generational ensemble into a leading force in contemporary dance until 2011.

Liz was recently an artist-in-residence and visiting lecturer at Harvard University, and her current work Healing Wars just finished touring across the U.S. Liz conducts residencies on the Critical Response Process, creative research, the intersection of art and science, and the building of narrative within dance performance at such institutions as Yale School of Drama, Wesleyan University, University of Maryland–College Park, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the National Theatre Studio, among many others. Her collection of essays, Hiking the Horizontal: Field Notes from a Choreographer, was published in 2011 by Wesleyan University Press and released in paperback in 2014.

Laura Simms
Laura Simms

Laura is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, writer, coach, and humanitarian. She combines traditional stories with personal narrative. Laura’s focus is on storytelling as compassionate action.  She is artistic Director of the  HansChristian Andersen Storytelling Center, and  served as a Senior Research Fellow for Rutgers University Peace Center under the auspices of UNESCO. Laura won the Sesame Street SUNNY DAYS AWARD for work with children worldwide,  received the Hasbro September 11 Grant and a lifetime achievement award from the National Storytelling Network.   She is a certified dharma art teacher, senior meditation instructor , and works with The Constellation. Her most recent book is Our Secret Territory: The Essence of Storytelling. Her new book The Story of Wild Rose: Summoning The Restoration of the World is being published by Sentient Books (TBA).

Asher Lyons
Asher Lyons

Asher Lyons is the founder and visionary for Medicine Theater, a program with the mission to support people young and old to find liberation, joy and healing through the art of spontaneous play, improvisation and story creation. Asher has been facilitating this type of work for nearly 20 years, and has found that real freedom is discovered through connecting to our creative spirit and the natural world.

Beginning in 2003, Asher became an instructor for the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Youth Theatre Project where Asher learned to facilitate inner city youth in creating their own original play performed in San Francisco. It was this training that planted the seed and gave Asher the much needed understanding and clarity of vision to eventually begin his own organization, Medicine Theater where he discovered that offering this style of transformational creative expression was just as effective for adults as for youth. Asher has been facilitating this work ever since!

Jaqui Bushell
Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell has been dancing with the mythic imagination for much of her life, through her love of the wisdom held in fairy tales and her work as a spiritual herbalist listening for the voices and stories in the land. As a writer and speaker, she is passionate about encouraging others to explore their own mythology at the borderlands of psyche, body, culture and landscape. Jacqui guides people to awaken their creative soul essence through connecting with the mysteries of the earth, story and their own sacred nature.

Her work weaves together plant spirit alchemy, energetic healing, Otherworld realms, embodiment practices and journey work to inspire transformational shifts in the way people connect with self, each other, spirit and nature.

Jacqui has been facilitating women’s circles, ceremonies, retreats, workshops and courses in Australia and internationally for 30 years.

Jonathan Fox
Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox is the co-founder of Playback Theatre and founder of the Listening Hour. He was artistic director of the original Playback Theatre Company from its inception in 1975.. He is the author of Acts of Service: Spontaneity, Commitment, Tradition in the Nonscripted Theatre and Beyond Theatre: a playback theatre memoir; as well as co-author with Jo Salas of Personal Stories in Public Spaces: Essays in Playback Theatre by the Founders. He is a former Fulbright Scholar with an MA in Political Science from Victoria University (NZ), a BA in English from Harvard University; and a D. Phil. h.c. from Kassel University (Germany) for his artistic and scholarly contribution to theatre.

Jyoti Ma
Jyoti Ma

Jyoti Ma is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways. Through this work, collaborative relationships with organizations that are focused on economic, social and environmental solutions have developed, creatively addressing the global challenges of our times.

Johnny Moses
Johnny Moses

Johnny Moses is a Tulalip Native American raised in the remote Nuu-chah-nulth village of Ohiat on the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. He was raised in the traditional ways by his grandparents, and sent by his elders to share their teachings with all people. Johnny is a master storyteller, oral historian, traditional healer and respected spiritual leader.

Johnny, whose traditional name is (Walking Medicine Robe), carries the Si.Si.Wiss (sacred breath, sacred life) medicine teachings and healing ceremonies of his Northwest Coast people.

Fluent in eight Native languages, he is a traveling ambassador for Northwest Coast cultures. He shares the knowledge and richness of his spiritual and cultural traditions with people across the United States and Canada through storytelling, lectures and workshops.

Johnny has been a featured storyteller at hundreds of venues, including: National Storytelling Festival, Jonesboro, TN, Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA, Talking Island Festival, Honolulu, HI, Three Apples Festival, Harvard, MA, Sierra Storytellers Festival, Nevada City, CA.

Between 1981-85, Johnny Moses taught the Coast Salish traditional songs and dances to a group of children at the Tulalip Reservation, many of whom were members of his family. They became known as the Tulalip Coast Salish Powwow Club, and ended up performing the dances at many local schools and cultural events.

Gigi Coyle
Gigi Coyle

Virginia “Gigi” Coyle has served as a community activist wherever she is, a council trainer wherever called, and a life passage guide and trainer with many individuals and organizations. She is learning to be an elder, and serving on such councils for the Ojai Foundation, Youth Passageways, European Council Network, and Weaving Earth… She was recently described “as a field catalyst of moments and long-lasting commitments to heart’s truth of self, circle and life.”  She has contributed extensively in the area of citizen diplomacy, women’s empowerment, and the healing ways with money. Founder of the alliance, Beyond Boundaries, ( she is devoted to inter-generational pilgrimages and projects of prayer, action and service. She more recently co-founded Walking Water ( as her home, teacher and life source is water. Co-author of The Way of Council, the and The Box, Remembering the Gift.

Joshua Michael Schrei

Joshua Michael Schrei is a writer, teacher, and a lifelong student of the cosmologies and mythologies of the world — in particular the Indian subcontinent. Throughout a lifetime of teaching, study, meditation and yogic practice, wilderness immersion, art, music, and public speaking, Josh has sought to navigate the living, animate space of the imagination and advocate for a world that prioritizes imaginative vision. Josh has taught intensive courses in cosmology, mythology, and somatic disciplines for 16 years. He has lectured on art, aesthetics, and mythology at museums and contemporary arts centers around the world. His writing has appeared in several books and he is the founder of The Emerald Podcast, featuring interviews with bestselling and award-winning authors and luminaries. He is currently engaged in an ongoing study and documentary project on the animist goddess traditions of the Indian subcontinent and their relevance to understanding embodied landscapes.

Luisah Teish
Luisah Teish

Luisah Teish is a ritual theater performance artist, a spiritual counselor, and an elder and woman chief in the Ifa/Orisha tradition. She is a writer and the author of six books, including the women’s spirituality classic Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals. Luisah co-authored On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land with Leilani Birely, a Hawaiian Kahuna, and has contributed to 25 anthologies and a host of magazines, including Essence, MS, Shaman’s Drum, and Yoga Journal. She has performed in myth and ritual dramas at St. John the Divine Cathedral and the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, the Marin Civic Auditorium in California, the Galaxy Theater in New Zealand, and La Casa de las Poesia in Venezuela. Her mixed-media art has been published in the Cascadia Subduction Zone magazine and in Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theater. Luisah teaches through online classes, weekend workshops, and spiritual retreats.

Nick Boraine
Nick Boraine

Nick is a South African actor, voice artist, writer and director living and working in Los Angeles.  He graduated from the University Of The Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with a BA (Hon) in Dramatic Art and is currently undertaking an MFA at Antioch University specializing in screenwriting.

Nick has worked extensively in theatre, film and TV as well as voicing video games and animated productions.  For the last 20 years he has also been the Associate Artistic Director of the Global Arts Corps (GAC).  The  inaugural theatre production of the GAC was a play entitled, Truth In Translation” which told the story of South Africa’s Truth And Reconciliation Commission. Touring the world with Truth In Translation was a watershed moment on both a professional and personal level.  Nick became fascinated by the relationship between, performing and storytelling and their influence on breaking the vengeance cycle.  Through countless workshops and interactions with other performers, ex-combatants, ex-prisoners and children, he saw endless possibilities to provoke a perceptual shift that might stop violence and promote dialogue.

Nick lives with his wife, actress Louise Barnes, and his daughter Scarlett.

The Alchemy of Story Program

Story for self-healing & transformation
$207/12 payments
  • Save $500 getting all 5 modules togther.
  • ✅ 120 hours of live interactive classes
  • ✅ Lifetime access to recordings
  • ✅ Access to an exclusive online community
  • ✅ 18 guest teachers from around the globe offering unique practices and techniques
  • ✅ 8 new stories that you can share with others
  • ✅ 5 Interactive 3.5-day Interactive Online Creative Retreats
  • ✅ The ALCHEMY OF STORY ACTION GUIDE emailed to you via weekly exercises to support your practice and application of what we learned together
  • ✅ 1 group of greatness you meet with outside of class
  • ❌ 12 Monthly Integration Sessions
  • ❌ Bonus course on marketing + engagement + outreach strategies
  • ❌ 2 private 1:1 Sessions with Leah
  • ❌ Practicum: 20-minute presentation on your theory of story
  • Practicum: Leadership, Facilitation, and program design support as you prepare to facilitate a story for a healing experience

The Alchemy of Story - A La Carte

Individual Creative Retreat. Choose the module that most calls to you.
$197/3 payments
  • 24 Hours of live interactive classes
  • ✅ Lifetime access to recordings
  • ✅ Access to an exclusive online community
  • 3 guest teachers from around the globe offering unique practices and techniques
  • 1-3 new stories that you can share with others
  • ❌ 12 Monthly Integration Sessions
  • ❌ 5 Interactive 3.5-day Interactive Online Creative Retreats
  • ❌ The ALCHEMY OF STORY ACTION GUIDE emailed to you via weekly exercises to support your practice and application of what we learned together
  • ❌ 1 group of greatness you meet with outside of class
  • ❌ Bonus course on marketing + engagement + outreach strategies
  • ❌ 2 private 1:1 Sessions with Leah
  • ❌ Practicum: 20-minute presentation on your theory of story
  • Practicum: Leadership, Facilitation, and program design support as you prepare to facilitate a story for a healing experience


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for those who want to engage storytelling as a tool for healing and meaning making. You may already identify as a leader, healer, facilitator or guide or you may want to step into such a role. You may be an angel in the making, meaning you don’t need titles to show up as a pillar and supporter in the world you walk in, and you know these skills will help you grow yourself and help increase your capacity to support others. 

Who is this course NOT for?

This program is not for you if :

1) You want a passive experience, meaning you just want to sit back and watch without participating.

2) You don’t feel like exploring the depths of your life experience right now, prefering to simply “skim the surface.”

3) You don’t want to engage with others or be a part of other people’s learning journey right now.

What is the difference between the certification program and each module?

The five modules create a comprehensive program that walks through 5 different kinds of story modalities and stages of working with storytelling as a tool for healing. Each of the five modules also stands on its own as a complete experience. 

Those who complete the certification program receive 5 added components: 

  • Private sessions with me
  • An opportunity to present on your understanding of story for healing
  • A practicum of hosting an event for your community (in person or online) 
  • Small groups to work with throughout the year
  • Monthly group meetings
Can I register for just 1 module?

Yes, definitely! You can register for one or more modules and not go through the full certification process. 

Do I need to have any experience in storytelling to attend this course?

No experience is necessary! You will be guided through all of the storytelling development processes along the way so you will experience everything first hand for yourself. Keep in mind that this course is not designed for professional storytellers, but rather for those who want to understand how story can impacts and influence their own personal transformative journey as well their healing practice. 

If I cannot attend the live session will there be a replay?

All participants have life long access to replays. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

The nature of the work working with story as a tool for healing will require that you leave your comfort zone.You will meet the edges of what is familiar. There is a powerful field that supports movement and growth when you are in a collective where everyone is committed to keep showing up and to moving through the blocks and the uncomfortable places together. By registering for this course, you are signing up to go the distance, engaging and using the tools of sacred storytelling to face whatever discomfort or challenges that may come up for you.

However, occasionally someone walks into a first class, and in the first moments realizes they are not in the place that is in alignment for them. If this is you, you may contact us within 48 hours to receive a refund minus a $30 admin fee. If you feel you want to cancel more than 48 hours after class begins, we understand. Occasionally major changes in life situations happen such as a death or massive transition that prevents you from attending. If you find yourself in one of those life situations, your tuition can be applied to the tuition of a future class, minus a $30 admin fee.

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