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Snow Angels in Red Rocks

As we walked over the red sand stone, imagining the scarring and imprints as snow angels made by God rather than geological imprints~ I remembered something Any Lipkis once thought about out loud~ what if nature has created us to be it’s healer? Continue reading

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Baring my soul at Naked Retreat or Finding the kindred lost tribe of transient travelers or why internet stalking is a good thing: Sustainable Shanghai Day 6

There comes a moment when I see that the land is more my home than any state or country. Across the planet the grass grows toward the sun, leaves move in rhythm with the wind, the sun moves across the horizon at the same pace, the birds all begin their day with the same declaration of still being alive. Continue reading

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Ingredients for earth day: 1 cup listening to the enemy, 2 teaspoons of radical love, 3 pounds of self reliance

I am about to break the party line. Forgive me in advance. For the past 5 years I have studied what motivates people to engage with addressing the state of the environment. I have developed a kind of recipe if you will, information, instigation, inspiration, and a distinct absence of blame or guilt.
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Random thought: There are two kinds of people: those who use the big bathroom stalls, and those who don’t

I got to thinking, there are two kinds of people: those who go for the big stalls: the open space, the opportunity, the unknown~ and those who don’t. Continue reading

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