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I sent the following text as an email to a few friends~ and one~ who continues to be that kind of friend that we all need~ the one who reminds you who you are when you forget~ asked me to start blogging again. I was thinking the same thing this morning. Too many ideas flying about~ some get captured in a journal that no one will be able to read (aka bad hand writing) others are shared with friends and colleagues, and then the rest~ you know~ whirl and swirl looking for a place to call home. So. Blogs are meant to expose yourself~ so why not get back to business and start sharing the personal. Lets see if it works as a little exercise…a little blogging every day just for you an me. Not the have I have to say something meaningful about the environment blog, not the have to be a good environmentalist blog, just the~ hmmm~ here is what the wheels are turning around and the heart is feeling today blog. sounds fun.

And now…for the letter that inspired this…..

So~ while in deep consult about next steps ~ I was advised to request the support of magic from my friends. And so I am reaching out to you on this day of the new moon. If you are in Berkeley~ and feel called to meet at my house for a little magic, or dance a little magic at ecstatic dance, I would welcome the opportunity to be in person this eve. If not~ can I be so bold as to request that you hold my intention in the highest light~ and perhaps even send a line or 2 of blessing I can print and place into the bowl in the center of my alter? Thank you~ I realize this is quite a request~ and I feel beyond grateful that I have a flock of allies such as yourself I can ask to throw light into the bowls.

One bowl I am holding is  for People and the Planet: I woke this morning from a dream where I was unraveling a batik banner that a bunch of us had made~ it was for people and the planet. The word on the banner: INSPIRE. I asking the universe and my community to call in the people and resources who can help midwife this project into life in right timing, right action, and in joyful way~ that this a great affective and efficient team of allies come together to create and distribute a meaningful offering and stories that help with the great transition in the world.

The second bowl I am holding is for my novel. I have identified a midwife, and even a completion date for the 2nd draft (Dec 31, 2011). It’s an ambitious goal, and will require a lot of focus and a rewiring of the daily schedule and capacity to show up in community. It will required the continued financial support from the universe to afford my writing midwife, and perhaps a short time away of focused writing.

Both of these projects are calling, harassing, tapping, on my shoulder and psyche. Both are requesting that I break through some very old and deep and crunchy stuff in the core of my resistance~ My prayer is that this be done with an ease and grace that will surprise and delight!

This morning I built two alters~ one for each of these projects~ birds have been flying for the first time outside the window of my desk. Humming birds have been perching outside my window. Energy is moving. I hope you will join me in moving some more. And in case you think I’ve gone all crazy~ I will be sending out a few letters of support for People and the Planet, and then getting out of the way while the energy we builds until Jan 2012.

Sending you all love and light and deliciousness, and all my love,

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