Introducing: Healing in the presence of whales

Allow me to introduce you to Rebecca Goff, the first person we are featuring in People and the Planet. Her story is one I find particularly fascinating as she is dedicating her life to understanding how to use the natural element of the ocean and a relationship with whales and dolphins (in the wild) to heal people.

It was an epic adventure to shoot this initial segment~ only because we landed on Maui the day the tsunami arrived. You can hear all the sortid details about our first shoot and interview with Rebecca Goff about AquaCranial Healing here. It’s one thing to talk about telling people you are going to tell people a story about a woman who heals with whales, but it’s entirely thrilling to get to show people a 3 minute film introduction. Of course~ now the next phase begins, which includes introducing the next feature stories and raising the funds to complete this project. Our next step with this short is to interview scientists on the healing nature of the ocean and the electromagnetic energy of whales, in addition to interviewing some of Rebecca’s clients. There is one story I find particularly inspiring and hope to tell~ it is a young girl who was told she had 6 months to live, and after her contact with dolphins and AquaCranial~ has continued to live for another 6 years. I know~ you’re raising your eye brows and filled with reasonable skepticism. So was I, until I experienced it for myself and had my world rocked.  I’ll have to do an update on that in another post.

So here is your taste of what People and the Planet is up to~ if you are interested in getting involved~ don’t hesitate to drop me a line. We are in the process of building our team as we prepare to launch the next series of films.

If you want to see a few more images of the behind the scene shoot in Maui, check them out here.

Many thanks to all of the people who made this possible~
Produced by: Micro Documentaries
Director & Cinematographer: Ben Henretig
Additional whale footage by: Wild Focus Films
Find out about Rebecca Goff and Aquacranial Therapy

Our local sponsors in Maui:

The Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau

The Launa Kai Resort

If you feel a deep desire to find out how this vision came to be~ Feel free to check out the initial call out video posted on Kickstarter (we now except tax deductible donations via our fiscal sponsor)

Still want more? Check out this introduction to the project on Huffington Post: Sex, Pandas, Kittens, and Swimming with Whales – Reclaiming the way we talk about the environment

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