Scientists arrested, tiny competitions, and the language of love

Greetings good people~
In this update you will find: News about inspiring climate initiatives, enviro news worth noting, and why I DIDN’T write, “This could be your last chance to save the whales” in the subject heading.

At the time of writing this, I have 28 hours to go before People and the Planet takes her first steps into the world. I figured what better time to give homage to a few other inspiring initiatives that are answering the call and addressing the climate crisis in refreshing ways…

10/10/10 is nearly here

I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to’s global work party: A day to celebrate climate solutions… Or you can participate in One Day on Earth~ they are claiming it will be the largest global media event in history~ a global film project that will become a video time capsule.

Small is sexy!

Or so claims TreeHugger’s founder, Graham Hill. To prove his theory, Graham is launching LifeEdited, a tiny competition…I mean, a competition to design tiny, sexy, living spaces to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Scientists and students were arrested outside the White House

Ok, so it wasn’t the most creative action on the planet, but worthy of mention: Activists rallied in front of the White House last week calling for the Obama administration to take more aggressive action against mountain top removal. If you want your “I was at the climate action” fix, here’s some video of the day.

Tree Hugging Soldiers

Pakistani soldier, Muhammed Yousuf Jamil, brought a whole new meaning to the term tree hugger when he broke the Guinness World Record by planting over 20K trees in under 19 hours.

Youth Claim Role in Environmental News Production

I’m looking forward to seeing what Project Survival Media produces, a youth led initiative dedicated to telling under told stories about climate issues from around the world.

Losing Your Marbles?

While people are organizing online, and taking action offline, Wallace J. Nichol’s is provoking people to lose their marbles…Blue Marbles that is… It’s a play it forward game where you give a blue marble to someone who is showing initiative and taking care of the planet (I think this is so fun and nifty I’m sending one to all of our backers).

People and the Planet

So while trying to come up with that edgy subject title that would make you look, I considered using “This is your last chance to save the Whales” to remind people that there is just 28 hours before 8:16pm on October 5th to donate and get your face in our first People and the Planet video (it’s about people healing in the presence of whales).

I didn’t use the “Save the whales” lingo because…that’s the antithesis of what this initiative is about. It isn’t about using the language of saving, securing, or conserving, it’s about using the language of love (you read that right). As Jacques Cousteau says, “We protect the things we love.” Hence, we are using the language of love to carve our path of language, story, and the online strategy for People and the Planet. I hope you join us, and reap the benefits (that’s right~ and this is when the bribery begins) and get some gifts when you donate:


Including: a signed copy of the poster above by world renowned whale photographer, Bryant Austin; post cards from our shoot in the Dominican Republic; dinner with Bryant, your name in our book,  and your photo in our video (check out a little example below). (If you want to see how it will look in the actual video~ here is a mock up).

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 10.00.56 PM

If you support the project, you’ll also get to see the inside scoop on the next story we are producing, along with news about a foundation we are working with, and other little goodies.

Thoughts? Questions? Answers? I love hearing from you.

All the best,

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