Magic, Time, and New Ideas

DSCN0702I gave those ingredients as presents for Christmas a few years back.

Now that I think back on it, it might have been one of those gifts I wanted to give to myself.

For the past few months I have been living on a homestead in Northern California cooking with those very ingredients. I have had the gift to live without constant access to cell phone, Internet, or television. I have had the opportunity to listen~ deeply, to the natural world, and to the natural rhythm of noise that bangs around in my head.

I have also had the time and space to read, research, and write a novel I have been wanting to write for years. I have had to look at my fear of failure in the eye, shake hands with it, dance with it, and write about it on Facebook and Twitter.

I have mastered the art of snacking.

And I have read the news, stared at the ocean, weeded in the garden, and contemplated the world we live in.

I have been able to watch, listen, observe, and laugh with Jane, steward(ess) of the land I am living on.

I have contemplated the essence of time from every angle.

I have watched as the feather of a Turkey Vulture fell at my feet.

And I have sat in awe and wonder at the BP spill, and how we have and haven’t galvanized and organized, and wondered what we will say ten years from now, and who we will blame.

I have thought many thoughts, and thought about how I shouldn’t be thinking so much, and wondered the inevitable question in today’s new media world~ If a thought is had, and not shared on Twitter, is is relevant?

While at times my parents have thought me mad, and I am sure have wondered if I am in some state of shock or arrested development, I have found myself deeply satiated by  living a life whose rhythms are motivated by the weather, where everyone waves to each other as they pass, and where there is time and space to think through and idea, around an idea, and out of an idea.

I have found that I am obsessed with the broken mythology of our time, that humans are destructive beings destroying the earth. What a story! It is the one I have been taught nearly my entire life~ and I wonder how on earth we are going to reorient toward a sustainable future if there is the paths of possibility and hope, and vision, and action in our modern day mythology are hard to find and follow.

So…you guessed it. As the readers of the first draft of my novel read and shred away, I hope to be out in the world producing the first few segments for a new initiative called People and the Planet.

People and the Planet tells the stories about the emergence of connection, communication, and healing occurring between people, the planet and wild animals. My first story is soooo incredible I can’t wait to share it~ and am in the process of seeking sponsorship for the travel to the Kingdom of Tonga so I can bring this awe inspiring story about a healing modality in the open ocean performed in the company of whales to the surface.

“Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.”
—Salman Rushdie

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