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The Sustainable Shanghai (mini) Shopping Tour. Day 5.

Sustainable shopping in Shanghai? You betcha. Continue reading

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You want an eco city? GIGA thinks you should consider producing sustainable building materials first. Day 4 Part 5

For manufacturers to make and clean the natural world. We’re realizing that we need to change the conversation: leave the negative impact behind and move into figuring out what creates positive impact. Continue reading

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Does one rotton apple spoil the supply chain? Yes. Think suicide when you look at your PDA. (Sustainabile Shanghai Day 4 Part 4)

Then Richard told me something that challenged my entire American activisty way of thinking. “Their supply chain is rotten~ Apple outsources their entire production of iPhones, iPads, iTouch, and other gadgets to Foxconn, so they don’t own it. “It” being the production of the products… the labor hiring, processes, supplier selection .. the fundamentals of the supply chain. Continue reading

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Send your e-waste to China. No really, it might be good for the planet. (Sustainable Shanghai Day 4 part 3)

Activists & legislation says we shouldn’t be sending our e-waste to China. Meet Adam Minter, who says there no place better on the planet to send e-waste. Continue reading

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Reclaiming China’s Future: Greennovate Teaches a Rising Middle Class Not to Over Consume: Sustainable Shanghai Day 4 Part 2

How do you teach China’s rising middle class that they can’t replicate the Western model of consumption? Greennovate is trying to crack that nut. Continue reading

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