You want an eco city? GIGA thinks you should consider producing sustainable building materials first. Day 4 Part 5

“There is an incredible opportunity to create change.”

Holy day of epic interviews. Rather than torture you with the novel about the day, I have split the interviews into 5 parts…with out further adieu…..

IMG_1437…a trip to GIGA where I caught up to talk to Ryan Dick, who has plans to revolutionize the supply chain. Now. If your eyes just glazed over and you were thinking it was time to check your twitter account~ stop right there, because if you consider yourself “green” or knowledgeable about the environment, but don’t get supply chains, well my friend~ let me just leave you with this quote from Ryan in a piece in for Nat Geo on eco cities “How can you create a sustainable town when you can’t build a sustainable building?” Meanwhile, it’s true, the info below really is for the eco geek into supply chains.

What’s GIGA?

GIGA’s mission is to empower designers with a platform to collaborate, lead the development of innovative ideas and foster design that has a positive impact on the environment. In other words, they place all their information about materials and vendors in one place so every one has access to the data base (this came about because they were getting inundated by requests for more information.

When the government goes green:

Last year the central government banned the distribution of free plastic bags in grocery stores…eliminating 3 billion bags every day, and the consumption of 5 million tons of refined crude oil every year for plastic bags alone. The word for the initiative is Huan Baodai, which  means environmental  protection bag or sustainability bag. It puts the language into the lexicon of the masses. When you need to get a plastic bag: the language is “Your not sustainability.”

“While the central Government is determined to go green we are still missing the tools, platforms, and collaborations. Industry as a whole hasn’t created a standardization.”

Changing the conversation from what we’re doing wrong to what we can do right:

“For manufacturers to make and clean the natural world. We’re realizing that we need to change the conversation: leave the negative impact behind and move into figuring out what creates positive impact. When measuring air quality: noting that when people open the windows; The VOC’s that airborne will (glue, carpet etc) pollute the air, and so air pollution is noticeably higher during the morning when everyone opens their windows.”

“I don’t like living here, but there is a lot of demand to fix the problems here. I’m here to make a difference. China could scale ahead and jump ahead. There are  470 people creating certain products whereas in the states there are only two and have major political influence, that isn’t happening here yet. There is an incredible opportunity to create change.”

“Things move extremely quick here, everyone is looking to get ahead because of the competition. There is a nimbleness here…you can actually make lots of change with a social network.”

Ok… tomorrow onto a more colorful topic…eco shopping at the fish, insect and flower market.

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