Sustainable China Virtual tour magically transforms into the Sustainable Shanghai Virtual Tour

DSCN0559 So the idea started out simple enough. I was going to coordinate the sustainability segment into the Rethink Shanghai section of the Geeks on a Plane Conference. But my brother was scheduled to graduate from college on the same day it  started and it was beginning to look rather complicated until Christine Lu made the obvious suggestion, why not make it virtual? Mix that with a comment from Peggy Liu, “It doesn’t matter what you do in the states if China doesn’t go green”. And all of a sudden, what started out as a morning session turned into the 10 day Sustainable China Virtual Tour! But then I got to Shanghai, and I instantly realized that it would be necessary to be more selective with my wording and rename it the Sustainable Shanghai Virtual Tour. For the next week and a half I’ll take you on an adventure through Shanghai’s sustainability scene and a virtual tour of the websites who care about the topic (aka as my first experiment in making it as a freelancer in the new media world).

On this blog, I’ll walk through the days events, and  include all of the whirling and drivel that went through my brain. I may or may not include stories about digestive disruption and the perils of walking in heels through Shanghai. I’ll definitely touch on what it felt like to live in a city that is generating the pulse of tomorrow, and promise not to skip over the lows and fear that came with witnessing overpopulation and pollution first hand. I’ll include links to the profiles of the movers and shakers doing social entrepreneurial work on the sponsor of the tour site: You can read about the promise and failures of eco cities on National Geographic’s site, you’ll see some e fun pieces on the world expo on Planet Green’s site, and much much more…..

I look forward to embarking on this adventure with you and do hope you contribute to the conversation. I will say that the experience of visiting China and Shanghai rocked me to the core. There was a point when all I wanted to do was crawl back to my bubble in Berkeley and read about the BP spill. But if there is anything I take away from being in China, there is no going back, there is only going forward.

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